Thursday, November 30, 2023

OSR Commentary On CROM FASERIPopedia sourcebook By Jonathan Nolan For The FASERIPopedia Rpg or Classic Marvel Super Heroes Rpg


FASERIPopedia sourcebook

"Taking as its inspiration Saturday morning science fantasy cartoons and the Golden Age comics era character CROM THE BARBARIAN, this sourcebook brings the full fantasy roleplaying experience to FASERIPopedia!"

"CROM features some of the most startling art and monsters, most exciting characters and settings of any FASERIPopedia game!

A full sandbox chart set is provided to generate detailed "hexes" to explore or fight over as well as a generator for the scattered city-states of CROM's world!

The Bestiary lists cosmic horrors and exotic threats quite unlike the normal and a real challenge even for hyper league superheroes!"" 

 CROM  FASERIPopedia sourcebook By Jonathan Nolan is too date one of my favorite sourcebooks for the FASERIPopedia Rpg or classic Marvel Super Heroes Rpg. And this is a fantastic Science Fantasy or Sword & Sorcery Sourcbook. But please for the love of the Gods pay an editor to trim and neaten up your sourcebooks. There's a great index at the front of  CROM  FASERIPopedia sourcebook but damn does this sourcebook need a bit of neating on the material.
The fonts, layout, and columns are all fine and servicable but the Crom sourcebook needs an editor. 
Now that having been said the Crom sourcebook is solid when it comes to presenting a Sword & Sorcery veener campaign with a solid Fasrip Science Fantasy campaign setting waiting below. And for games such as Marvel Super Heroes the Crom sourcebook is a God sent. It gives you random table after random table for character generation, origin, and full on back history. Want a cyborg from the time of Crom go for it! Need an origin for a magic item that doesn't conform to the time when the oceans drank Atlantis? The Crom sourcebook has you covered! 
There are  rpg tools after tools with random tables to create your own unique world of Crom from the ground up different from your buddy's Crom campaign. And this is a theme throughout the CROM  FASERIPopedia sourcebook. And the Crom sourcebook works very well as a supplement for classic Marvel Super Heroes rpg especially the advanced rpg systems. 

  Because of the underlying Science Fantasy aspect of the Crom sourcebook it's incredibly useful for the occult adventures and materials of the Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project. Because of the fact that many of these overlap the Marvel Savage Sword of Conan and the various Hyboria comic book titles. The Crom sourcebook's timeline could easily be situated a couple of thousand years before the oceans drank atlantis. This is especially true of the Realms of Magic rework that The Unofficial Canon Project did! The Eternals sourcebook is perfect to use as both allies and NPC protagonists. 

And the  CROM  FASERIPopedia sourcebook is also going to get a workout in Alexander Markus's Adscendant rpg. Part of the background is that the super heroes were once possibly gods of the ancient world. And since the supplement is FASERIP it's easily convertable to Adscendant. 

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