Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pre WWII Pulp Setting Campaign with an Indo European flavor Using Wretched Darkness & Fantastic Heroes And Witchery Part II

 The last couple of days have been very hectic to say the least with my day job and between real life events the alternative Pulp universe of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery mixed with a campaign of Wretched Interbellum has been on my mind. The nihlism of the European mindset after the events of World War I and the broken promises to US servicemen laid the ground work for the coming supernatural darkness of World War II. And this blog entry picks right  up from here on the blog. 


And it once again got me thinking about the artwork that was looted from various European and African countries  during World War I. How many occult and supernatural artifacts & relics disappeared into private collections. And how many are still within the collections of elite occultists during the Wretched Interbellum period. 
The Antiquities market during the Interbellum years saw thousands of artifacts sacked from Africa be moved into private collector and museum hands. The money involved in the black market of these items is both lucritive and incredibly scary. Murder and double cross are common. 

Add into this the growing supernatural cults and secret societies of the interbellum years then mix in the interest in the occult. And you've got a witch's brew of greed and fervor that is the perfect breeding ground for Wretched Darkness second edition entities to gain a toe hold on Earth. 

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