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OSR Commentary - MX1 Nightmares of Future Past By Steve Winter For The Marvel Super Heroes Rpg & Other FASERIP Rpg System

 ""Picture, if you will, a world gone insane. A world where you cannot attend school, buy food or clothing, or even walk down the street without risking capture of imprisonment. Add to that picture, if you can, the specter of giant, killing robots programmed to hunt down and destroy you and everyone like you."

Yes I totally stole this the from Wayne's Books for this photo

"This is the world waiting for you in Nightmares of Futures Past. Mutants have been declared outlaws and enemies, stripped of their constitutional rights, and condemned to quick death in battle or slow death in concentration camps. The heroes of our time are gone, either killed fighting oppression, stripped of their powers and locked away, or hiding in shadows..."

1987 ... Steve Winter ... 32 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 6873 ... ISBN 0880384026

The Winter of 1987 we were deep into Marvel Super Heroes advanced and our heroes had been playing through several of the various what if worlds after MH9  ' Gates of What If'. And the players were looking for a challenge and my uncle gave it to us. 

We ended up going through a gateway in one of the major local depressed cities after a super villain's lair had been located by the police. They called us in and we found an interdimensional gateway. Little did we realize it was literally the gateway too Hell. And where we ended up was the backend of our local towns & cities turned into a nightmare given form. Ruins of town after town greeted up with major roads being turned into horse pathways. 
We came into a world that had suffered some form of EMP event and or solar flare. We were convinced it was a solar flare. 
And then we ended up surrounded by Sentinels! Three Sentinels surrounded our party and then it was game on. We swung into action and got our answers from the memory banks of the Sentinel. A solar flare had took out all of the major electronics of this world and this was followed by the Sentinals taking out all of the major super heroes. Our area of Connecticut had become a Sentinel repair facility with the rest of the state becoming manufacturing and parts facilities. And originally the target of the sentinels was mutants but soon it was extended to all super humans. 
MX1 Nightmares of Future Past literally enabled you as the DM too set the campaign in your hometown area and my uncle took advantage of this. My uncle was a huge Chris Clemont fan and the classic Bronze age Xmen titles. Now for the past couple of months I've been running the Ascendant rpg..

As the year wore on we found out the Sentinels were looking to expand thier crusade to other universes. And we couldn't have that. It literally took two years to unseat them. But there were other universes where they hadn't been unseated and we came across one and came face to face with an upgraded Sentinel that were actually based on DC comics Manhunter robots. There's a whole time twist factor here & I don't wanna go into it. 
We're using public domain super heroes in our current Ascendant rpg campaign. And there's been a piece of outta of place technological artifact that might in point of fact be a sentinel zero point power source. And the cybernetic organisms come looking for it! 

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