Sunday, December 10, 2023

Blood Eagle Gang's Revenge Blood! On The Streets - A Zaibatsu/Hostile Mini Campaign On Colony World - Earth - Hostile Situation Report #010 Street Scum -


The player's learned that there were consquences when it comes to leaving messes behind and it was because of the mess that they left on Abyss. The Blood Eagles were approached by a minor exacutive from Abyss whose got it in for the September Group (our mercenary group of Russian adventurers from another universe). This session picks righr up from the latest encounters at Victory Downs and our November 12th session report. 

Yammoto Najurai an exacutive for the Matsuyama conglomerate wants the  PharmaSynthesiser that the player's PC's have aboard several of thier starships. And he's willing to do anything to get it. The player's PC's were responsible for Yammato San for getting a demotion at the Matsuyama conglomerate after the PC's took off to do a mission onto Tau Ceti without paying for some equipment. A major no no and they did manage to kill off the creditors for the corporation. Yammato San knows about the Starship Voskhod  systems that the player's PC's have incorporated into various starships that they've managed to secure and register. 
Th Blood Eagles Vincent android has the plans for the
 PharmaSynthesiser technology but is keeping the technology up his sleeve as an ace. He's been stoking the Blood Eagles blood feud with the PC's. And the recent capture of the town of Victory Downs is a major sticking point with the PC's. And now the Blood Eagles breaking into the PC's facilities to steal one of thier   PharmaSynthesisers. While simulating an attack as a destraction to cause as much mayhem as possible was huge violation in today game. 

The PC's are looking for pay back and now have left on a vendetta mission to recover the PharmaSynthesiser's technology. This was after we had a doctor PC in today's game get plugged by a Blood Eagle ganger. And this loss to our party & so now the players  want to thaw another doctor outta of cold storage aboard one of the player's facilities. The feud with the Blood Eagles is getting worse as the gangers work to legitmize themselves. 

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