Monday, December 18, 2023

Giving The Pirates A Bloody Nose In The Black - The Clement Sector & The Ship Files: RAX Type Protected Merchant From Moon Toad Publishing

 "The trade routes of known space can be dangerous, even with the presence of securityforces and local law enforcement. The RAX is a well armoured and armed merchant, which affords more protection and security, which is especially important when carrying expensivecargo. Even more dangerous are the routes out on the frontier, fortunately this vessel is well equipped to look after itself if need be." 

Let's dive back into the blackness of the Clement sector and look deeper into the one of the tried and true starship designs from Moon Toad Publishing. In this case this case the Ship Files: RAX Type Protected Merchant. And yes I'm going back to the well here when I first got into the Cepheus Engine Rpg two or three years ago. This blog entry picks up right from here on the blog. 

The Ship Files: RAX Type Protected Merchant is perfectly suited to be a corporate sponsored style trader/scout ship. A small fleet of these exploring the blackness of the Clement Sector is perfectly suited to reestablish communication with colonies that have lost contact with the main branches of the Clement sector. 
And the RAX is perfect for corporations to gain thier own over reach deeper into the blackness while spreading thier influence to these far flung colonies. 
This also makes the RAX a perfect target for pirates however you can see that the RAX could easily give a couple of pirate ships bloody noses while dealing with the unknown dangers within the Clement Sector. 
The RAX is a ubiquitous design and the production of these ships over the years gives some solid groundings for them to take thier place among the trade ships of the Cepheus Sector. The crew rounds out at thirteen and the RAX has a weapons to back up thier positions. 
Ian Stead's artwork is on point here enabling the DM to get very accurate references on RAX's  specs and designs. Layout, writing, fonts, etc. all fit the Independence Games usual guidelines and quality. 

The RAX can also be used to keep open very distant intergalactic trade routes with both drive power and weaponry. This enables these corporations to service so called company store colonies. And the RAX is a key starship for such areas with weaponry and gusto in a second to defense such colonies. 

 The RAX is also key for deep exploration missions into the blackness of the Clement sector with it's ability to be configured for missions requiring extended stays and deep space roles. The RAX is well suited to these missions with weapons to take on unknown threats. 

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