Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Tentacles At The Table Top - The Original Cha'alt Hardcover Rpg Campaign Setting, MegaDungeon, & Rpg By Venger Satanis

 It's been a very long time since I've cracked the Cha'alt main setting book. And this book hits hard and picks right up from here on the blog. And it's been a year since I cracked the main rule book and going over Cha'alt, there are a few things that immediately leap out. The setting seems to have an undercurrent of Dark Sun meets 80's Dune meets the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon in a dark alley someplace. 

There are definitely connections to Alpha Blue and so it's rather easy to backtrack Cha'alt into the universe of  the Alpha Blue rpg. And it's the fact that the Federation, the intergalatic empire of insufferable jerks who are behind the despoiling of Cha'alt for the Zeroth ( the former life blood of the Great Old Ones of Cha'alt) and it's a very valuable commodity. As I said last blog entry;"  Now linking Alpha Blue and Cha'alt is pretty easy and the adventure path that I'd use for such an endeavour is for us is Dead God Evcavation and Girls Gone Rogue. " Why?!  Because Dead God Evcavation is perfectly suited to show what happens when a Lovecraftian god's 'dead' remains are found on Cha'alt. And because the Federation is in steep decline in almost every aspect and they'll do anything to maintain control. And this includes up too and including using Lovecraftian god juice to shore up your intergalatic empire. 
Everything on Cha'alt is geared for a sleazy space opera in the vein of Stars Wars meets Flesh Gordon. And this  ties right into 
Venger Satanis's latest Kickstarter 'The Cha'alt Experience Designing Worlds Like a F*cking Bosss'. Where Venger walks us right through his process for creating Cha'alt itself. 

Cha'alt is a stage for sleazy space opera and Science Fantasy where the house rpg system Crimson Dragon Slayer ties directly into the campaign settting. And this extends into the races of Cha'alt which originally was a standard D&D style fantasy world until the whole thing blew to kingdom come. This becomes the set up for the post apocalytic Cha'alt as different eons of technology and fantasy rise then fall again. Super science and then wizard kings exploit Cha'alt and it's Lovecraftian gods for thier own gain. 

And then the Federation discovered it and began to exploit the whole planet. This makes it perfect for Wretched Space 2nd edition as a setting point. And this makes Cha'alt a perfect venue for   a faux Lovecraftian sleazy space opera with Wretched Space Second edition. 
Alpha Blue becomes the brothel to the stars meet point for Cha'alt and the Wretched Legion. There are tons of adventure hooks settled around Alpha Blue that deeply involve the Federation playing galatic jerks by screwing everyone over for thier own continued existence. And often they underhandly use the PC's as thier own agents of they can get away with it. And this walks right back into the themes of Cha'alt itself where the planet, the factions, the Federation, are all trying to exploit the PC's. 

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