Saturday, December 30, 2023

Tentacles & THOT Control at the Table Top - THOT Audit & Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise By Venger Satanis

 "You got into hot water down on Beeblebrox Prime. Escaping into the nearest spaceport, you spotted a cargo freighter being loaded up with hover-pallets. Slipping into the command center, you got the freighter off the ground without much trouble… until several surface-to-air missiles devastated your shields and damaged the hyperdrive. Low on fuel, weapon systems at 23%, and in a decaying orbit around Beeblebrox Prime, you don’t have a lot of options." 

The events of  THOT Audit could be used to set up the second part of  Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise. Why?! Because the Federation is behind the the offworlder high-tech facility called Elysium which is both faction & adventure goal.

The Federation from the Alpha Blue rpg is on it's last legs and has essentially sent a bribe to the Outer Rim interstellar government. The reason is simple and direct that is to have access to the Lovecraftian resources of Cha'alt. The player's PC's who come into the situation by hijacking the cargo freighter. This bribe is in the form of Blue Sky; "The only reason you haven’t been atomized must be the valuable cargo in your ship’s hold. After a quick scan, you realize the ship’s carrying thirtyfive medda kronks of Blue Sky. That’s a street value of approximately twenty-thousand credits." 

And the events of THOT Audit set up everything else to come. Forget the porn aspect of the adventure and see the bigger picture. Because the Federation let's the PC's swipe the cargo freighter. And are the perfect idio erm foils for the Feds if things go sideways. 

 The second the PC's land on the space port of the city of A'agrybah, they're going to be slapped in irons. So I hope all of the tail they got aboard the cargo freighter was worth it. The PC's could do some shady moves and create a fake registry number for the cargo freighter and then begin going about business in  the city of A'agrybah.  Because Cha'alt itself where the planet, the factions, the Federation, are all trying to exploit the PC's. Cha'alt itself has been undergoing some significant changes where the S'rulyan Vault has been uncovered. More on this later on But back to the PC's! 
And said PC's are going to be wrangled into the events of THOT Police. This is coming up. 

If the PC's decide to stay on Cha'alt all of the better because then they can slide into the events of THOT Police. And then have one foot or tentacle in the goings on Cha'alt itself. They could even be wrangled into taking the  the ship’s carrying thirtyfive medda kronks of Blue Sky to the Outer Rim station themselves. And this leads into the party getting arrested! 

Where does this lead?! Tune in next time! 

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