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Colony Defense In The Black - The Clement Sector & The Bridgetown-class Escort and Cape-class System Defense Boat

 "“We surprised the pirate just outside the OZP. Honestly, did the dropkicks think they could outrun us? Bloody idiot tried to leg it anyway. The skipper was polite, really polite...At first...The final chat was via the port p-beam, and it did not end well for them.” - Sublieutenant Wayne Jarred, gunnery officer, RAS Mukinbudin, New Perth Navy, AXO-206, 2342 (standard)" 

Let's get right into this and pick up where we left off on the blog here.  And this time we're going to dig into the "The Bridgetown-class Escort and Cape-class System Defense Boat ". This Escort & Cape class System Defense Boat plugs into a design conceit right out of the gate; "The Bridgetown-class Escort and Cape-class System Defense Boat from the New Perth Navy with Ship design by Michael Johnson. Art by Ian Stead" 

What makes " The Bridgetown-class Escort and Cape-class System Defense Boat " so dangerous is the multi roles that this ship can play from planetary defense to full on anti piracy 'The Bridgetown' can literally handle it all and this is baked deeply into her design & DNA;" The addition of the Bridgetown-class escort to the fleet provides the New Perth Navy with a smaller warship that is capable of a range of roles many of which are currently being undertaken by the Raptor-class sloop RAS Wedgetail and the four Perth-class frigates. These roles include standard merchant convoy escort roles, fleet/squadron escort duties, or long-range anti-piracy patrols well beyond the New Perth and AXO-206 (Boulder) systems." 
She has everything that a DM could want to bloody the nose of pirate Clement sector players whose PC's have been running over the Clement sector's systems. And these ships are well written with Michael Johnson's writing covering everything from set up, design, history, manufacturing, etc. making 'The Bridgetown' a force to be wreckoned with by the Aussies in the Clement sector. Ian Stead & Micheal Johnson's artwork is on point here enabling the DM to get very accurate references on 'The Bridgetown's specs and designs. Layout, writing, fonts, etc. all fit the Independence Games usual guidelines and quality. 
'The Bridgetown' makes an excellent star ship and colony escort ship especially given the Space Western aspect of the colonies of the Clement sector. 

Given this 'The Bridgetown' is an affordable defense bot for both governments & the corporte entities of the Clement Sector. 
These ships have reputations for reliability, verstility, and kicking ass in the black of the Clement sector. And this is because the 'The Bridgetown' fulfills it's roles as an escort very well; "
A modern fast escort in service with the New Perth Navy, the Bridgetown has been designed to be truly multirole. New Perth had originally intended to construct twentyfour of these capable vessels over a period of twenty years, however, the rising tensions with Ariel, the growing internal problems in Peel and the ever-present piracy concerns has fast tracked construction. It is widely expected that the 2345 Naval Force Expansion Act (NFEA) will include an additional four block 2 hulls taking the total number in service to twenty-eight." 
How could characters of the Clement sector interact with these ships?! Since the crews of the Clement Sector are small (forty eight)  even on escorts such as 'The Bridgetown' class. It's easy to see the PC's interacting with captains, crew, etc in antipiracy roles, criminal endevours, mercenary roles, and even as explorers. But this is a ship that almost but not quite demands the attention of those who cross her bows. 

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