Monday, December 4, 2023

Review & Commentary The OSRIC Player's Guide, By Stuart Marshall From Seattle Hill Games For The OSRIC Rpg

"The OSRIC Player's Guide, by Seattle Hill Games, has most of the core rules to play the advanced first edition of the world's most popular role-playing game. It is an easy introduction on how to play the game as Gary played it. Once you have mastered the rules herein, you should be able to easily assimilate the full rules from the golden age of fantasy adventure gaming."

The OSRIC Player's Guide, By Stuart Marshall From Seattle Hill Games is on Amazon. And The OSRIC Player's Guide was brand new to me & clocks in at about two hundred and twenty pages. And the OSRIC Player's Guide has everything that an OSRIC player is going to need straight out of the gate to get thier PC up and running. You've got classic races, classes, equipment, and more to get your OSRIC adventurer off the ground. Ths book goes through the entire process of PC creation for OSRIC from the ground up. From rolling dice to getting equipment it's all here according to the original style of the world's most popular fantasy role playing game especially the first edition. The difference here from the regular OSRIC rule book is that this is done from the player's side of things. 

For someone who wants to run OSRIC the  OSRIC Player's Guide, is going to make things much easier. Because this book plugs into the player's needs and wants from OSRIC. And it does this by laying out all of the rules like stereo instructions. The OSRIC Player's Guide is highly linear and this is a good thing because it enables the DM to guide his or her players through the PC generation process. 
The OSRIC Player's Guide is incredibly useful because it has a secondary use at the table top as a reference while play is going on. This player's guide is not a replacement for the OSRIC rule book instead this is book is a companion. And one that feeds into the OSRIC system by being useful along side of the main OSRIC rule book. 
And is it good?! From what I've read from owning it over the past week or so yes very much so. The OSRIC Player's Guide is a well thought out book that takes the OSRIC system and enables the player to dive into the deeep end of the system easily, reliably, and with little fuss. 

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