Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Piracy In The Black - The Clement Sector & Quick Ship File: Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer

 Right so let's pick it right up from here on the blog. Set up is this a notorious space pirate with a heavy bounty on his head has had his gang steal a Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer. Why is this such a big deal? "The Gwad Urm Class Destroyer is an armoured 400 dton System Defence Destroyer, with 5G acceleration, intended for anti-piracy, customs

inspection, blockade and general defence duties."

"It comes with a 50 dton Missile bay, with associated missile storage, split over two locations (Port and Starboard) for survivability. In addition the ship has 2 x Plasma Barbettes (Dorsal and Ventral) and a standard triple Pulse Laser Turret fitted aft. In addition, the ship is fitted with a Standard Class Armed Gig and a contingent of Marines for detached duties."
Sure the 
 Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer could be purchased through shell corporations and fake planetary defense forces. Why go through the hazard when a pirate lord can simply steal one of these crown jewels from some back water starship yard in the Clement sector. And if ships make the campaign for Clement sector then this is an excellent ship to start a pirate fleet. She has the fire power and ability to use it. 
PC's could and should try to form a small tactics unit or party to go after such a ship. The  Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer could be a menace to the space lanes. And taking out colonist fleets as they come out of hyperspace gates could be a very dangerous point.  
Now given the gun running aspect that we spoke about within the Catino Class Fast Armed Trader. The  Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer is a good point defense ship for a back water space western planet.. And if they can afford such a ship a corporate colony world would be wise to invest in such a ship. 

The Clement Sector as Space Western frontier is vast and the fact that the Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer is perfect for the role of system defense when coupled with other Clement ships. The defenses of the space craft are very well thought out & are perfect for fleet roles in systems that need them. 
The plans, schematics, and pdf of the Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer are well done. The artwork is solidly done with Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer. 
A Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer could be the perfect pirate vessel or the perfect system defense ship when coupled with other Clement sector space craft. 

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