Saturday, December 2, 2023

On The Martian Caravan Trails - Warriors of the Red Planet/ Hyperborea rpg Session Two

The party investigated a lesser noble's tomb on the South side of lesser Helium but it was both a bust and a set up against a rogue group of 1st level bandits and asssassins. We made quick work of them and collected the artifact they'd plundered from the tomb. We made a quick three hundred gold pieces from the plunder. And this session picks right up from here 

 We signed up with the Green Martian Thurd trading carvans who were on a trade mission with the lesser sea bottom Red Martian tribes. The pay is crap and the conditions are also mimilist these are after all Green Martians. But we met with the carvan master and hired on. Besides we've a vendetta against the Torquas Green Martian horde who killed off a number of our PC's in the last crossover game mini campaign. 

Ravs Thrus The Caravan master 

Green Martian from Bronze Age Miniatures available here. 

Our party was put on the sky guns duty and too look after the back of the caravan from rear attacks. This wasn't our first work with the Green Martians and we got paid up front and a random encounter happened with some flying beasts that wanted to make a quick snack of the caravan! Guns and rifles blasted and it was short work or so we thought. The alien beasts launched lesser drone like leech things and we were able to repulse them. Our cleric got hit good and lost an eye from one of these horrors. We hangled with the caravan master for him to get a replacement as a part of his contract. Several rolls  later and we made camp for the night. Among others who were among the caravan's travellers were a scientist, several rogues(actors), and several drovers returning to thier bottom sea tribes. 
We got guard duty and had our rifles at the ready for river valley banths or worse. The night passed without incident. And we got through the night with only  some wild cadlots who kept thier distance. Our telepath sensed them and we had our rifles or pistols ready. We heard tales of cannibelistic red warrior low landers in the area from our Thurd green hosts. 

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