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Basilisk's Lair - A Mutant Future Encounter or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

In the Altered States of 'Merica, the Artimus Group is a corporation of super science mercenaries who employ some of the best raiders, adventurers, cut throats, thieves, and killers on the planet.
They're after a small community of Palm Meadows California. A peaceful walled city state of Neo traders who are sitting upon a very deadly treasure.
Palm Meadows was once the United States military's bio weapons division and responsible for the creation of the Basilisk species of mutant warriors. 
 The Artimus Group employs a unit of those mutants as part of its power armor division out in California. They're going to be attacking Palm Meadows in five days, the Mutant Underground has had advanced warning from within  the Artimus Group.Alfred E. Cautee a mutant coyote humanoid makes contact with the PC's, he will provide them with maps, inside help, and three gold bars as partial payment. Along with a fully charged stunner and laser pistol to deal with some of the interior Artimus Group resistance. 
The PC's are contacted to recover a very special cargo from an 
 Artimus Group facility.  the Artimus Group's cryo/medical hospital. This location employs close to forty regular employees and a variety of robotic assets to insure that their mercenaries get the best care and recovery time.  The Artimus Group spends far too much money on training, up keep, and weaponry to allow their investments to go south. 
The facility is lightly guarded because many of the super science mercs personnel have been shifted to the base nearest the attack.
 The facility is build into the interior of an old box canyon and used as a hidden military hospital during the Shadow Years. The PC's will be met by an
 Artimus Group mutant nurse named Nancy an attractive green skinned reptilian with psychokinetic powers and light telepathic abilities.
She will take the PC's through the underground level of the facility. There is a 70% chance of finding several minor artifacts here. There will be 1d6 medical robots and at least one police robot with heavy stunner capabilities. 
 The Artimus Group likes to capture and mind lock potential assets for future missions. Getting captured would not be a good idea.
The PC's are lead through a twisting maze of corridors until they find a partial baby ward/ cryo sleep facility. There are row after row of mutant humanoid babies in incubators. These are all employee children held hostage by the Mercs as insurance of loyality.
The PC's will be shown six leathery eggs within special cryo containers and will then find out who their real employers are. The Basklisk warriors working for 
the Artimus Group have hired the PCs to recover the eggs and will meet the PC's to give them the rest of their payment.
The PC's may want to wreck facility but this may damage any future employment opportunities. The PC's are to meet the warriors out in the desert out in a secure location. A map is provided by one of  
the Artimus Group doctors. The PC's also have a chance to stop the attack on Palm Meadows. This is part of an upcoming encounter. 

The Basilisk  Mutant Race 

For more information on this species of Mutant kind go over to Chris Van Deelen's Blog 

No. Enc: 1d6

Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90' (30')
AC: 3
HD: 12
Attacks: 1 weapon or 2 claws and one bite
Damage: regular damage +3d6 (if physical attack), or 1d6+3d6 / 1d6+3d6 / 1d4+3d6
Save: L12
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: I, II, IV (x10 each category), VIII (80%), IX (70%), XII (double chance), 1d4-1 high tech weapons, and 50% chance of 1 artifact suit of armor.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), bizarre appearance (d), increased physical attribute (Dexterity and Strength), neural telekinesis, optic emissions (modified), regenerative capability (modified), teleport
Source: Spider-Man comics

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