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Blood On The Beaches - A Mutant Future Encounter Or An Encounter For Any Old School Campaign

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The PC's are brought into the ruins of Daytona Florida by South Winds Society of 'Merica to collect a blood sample and data from the schools of Sand Sharks who have moved into the area several centuries ago. The communities around the area have tried to get rid of the land going sharks. The species is highly adaptable, breeds frequently, and has resisted very near every single effort used to exterminate them.
To the extent that the ruins of Daytona are now a land shark breeding area. The waters have swallowed up a good deal of what was once beach front property during the time of the apocalypse and the events afterwards. The waters have retreated making this area a very rich source for 'reclaimable materials'. Some of the super science nanite manufactured materials and high end micro miracle bots that still collect in tide pools. The sharks have an almost diabolical sense of those who deal in such salvage attacking in double school numbers.
The South Winds Society is a group of super scientists who have over the centuries studied the various species of sand shark from the desert variety( See Gamma World First Edition) of the Mexican and South Western desert to the various adapted species of the East and West coast of 'Merica.
The PC's are called in because the South Winds Society employs mercenaries every two years to collect data, blood samples from the sand sharks, and get a selection of high end micro miracle bots from some of the tide pools. The society is willing to pay 275 gold pieces and a minor artifact. They'll provide a special collection kit for the samples which includes a field generator for the nanites so that they don't effect the PC's. The kit has enough power for two days. A data record which will take three days worth of film, has a science sensor suite that a child can operate, and enough computing power to handle the collecting
The sharks are highly resistant to the nanites and miracle bots of the waters of Daytona. Anyone infected by the bots will have to make a save vs poison or they could be affected by the hellish machines. 
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1d10 Miracle Bots Of The Waters of Daytona Encounter Table
  1. There are 1d10 dissembler bots that will do 1d4 points of damage per round to PC's. Their flesh will seemingly unravel in ribbons of living rolls before they're eyes. The bots if collected in a small force shield enclosure can be used on most ordinary materials to break them down into their individual molecular blocks. 
  2. Flashers - These micro bots will collect and store many different types of energy solar, radiation, etc. and release it in a dazzling burst of energy. These bots will explode in burst of light temporarily blinding anyone caught within a forty yard radius of them. If captured and commanded with a special artifact these bots can be used to form complex patterns of holographic like energy. They can also be used to form semi solid illusions with audio and visual elements that will last four to five hours. 
  3. Forgotten  Memory bots these bots will have 1d8 random memories stored within them from preholocaust times. Those exposed to them will be at a - 3 for all actions of 1d4 rounds as the ancient lost memories etch themselves within their minds. There is a 20% chance per exposure that the location of a minor artifact will be known to the character. 
  4.   Alien Knitters - These bots will knit interesting, alien, and sanity shattering patterns into random bits of the flesh of the user. They will cost him or her 1d4 charisma points as bizarre and hideous patterns form on random patches of skin. These patterns will hurt the eyes of those who look at them. They seem to almost move across the flesh from the corner of the eye of the observer. 
  5. Uneasy Growers - These mico bots will grow 1d4 random useless organs across the body of the victims. There is a 40% chance of the organ having a limited and some what evil intelligence about them. These organs will horrid and slightly unnerving to those who look at them. They will often times be on the outside of the body. 
  6. Passages bot - This robot will randomly write some dark passage from a novel, play, or other pre holocaust work across the skin of the user often on the face of a handsome man or lady. Those who receive this bot often have weird nightmares and visions of distant and strange lands. 
  7. Gut tracers - These bots will cause an explosive eruption from the internal small intestine. The microbes will expand up to 160 times there original size and explode from the interior body of the victim for 3d6 points of damage. They will quietly slink away and make their way to the ocean if possible. 
  8. Gill makers - These bots will cause the victim to grow gills, long for the sea, and add two beneficial mutations. If a pure strain human however save vs death or have on random limb converted into a white pasty goo. 
  9. Telepathic rewire - This group of bots will cause the brain of those who taste them to be completely rewired for telepathy. The victim will immediately be tuned into a colony of Mi Go on Earth's moon who have decided to invade. The PC will be subject to the most sanity shattering secrets at night and take 1d4 points of damage as their body is wrecked by visions that border on the physical. 
  10. Recreation Bots - The victim's internal organs are slowly turned into alien Lovecraftian worm things. Over the course of eight days the victim's internal organs become separate lifeforms and will begin to feed strange horrid thoughts and dreams to the PC. The PC each day must make a Wisdom check or be driven into the brink of horror and madness. Finally on the eighth day, the organs will try to burst forth from the facility. 
The PC's will be driven or sailed into the Daytona area and released at a safe spot for three days. They have that time to complete their tasks. The communities surrounding the area know of these expeditions and some bands of mutant raiders take full advantage to gain free artifacts and slaves. Other mutants will try to sacrifice particularly attractive mutants to certain horrible 'Shark Gods' truly twisted mutant sharks that ply the waters around Daytona. These give the Land Sharks a run for their existence.

1d10 Random Mutant Raider Encounters of Daytona 
  1. 1d6 mutant Deep One raiding party with two beneficial mutations each 30% chance of a Lovecraftian artifact. 
  2. A group of mutant bounty hunters(2nd level fighters) in search of an escaped criminal from a nearby community. 
  3. An escaped mutant princess who was to be a sacrifice for the land shark. Has a laser pistol with 3 charges left. Scared and shaken but still brave. 10% chance of a reward if returned to her tribe. 
  4. A gang of mutant ratoids 3rd level fighters looking for artifacts and trouble. Armed with spears, short swords, and crossbows. These guys are in a small boat plying the ruins. 
  5. Land Shark on the hunt! Hungry and very dangerous! 
  6. A group of 1d6 pure strain human 1st level fighters after an escaped prisoner armed with fully charged laser pistols in a motor boat. Very dangerous and they hate mutants. 
  7. Mutant Sea zombies floating  along with some ship remains. 
  8. 1d8 mutant Gillmen warriors on the hunt 
  9. A school of glowing mutant sea carp worth 100 gold pieces each because of a special organ that they possess . Very fast and there is only a 20% chance of capturing any. 
  10. Sea going Ecology bot from a nearby wizard's lab. Will attack immediately, any melee has a 40% chance of attracting a school of sand shark! 

Sand Sharks 

More information available on Chris Van Deelen's blog
No. Enc: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 240’ (80’)
AC: 6
HD: 25
Attacks: 1 bite or 1 bite and 2 claws
Damage: 5d6 or 5d6 / 1d8+3d6 / 1d8+3d6
Save: L20
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: None.
Mutations: Aberrant From (new body parts, natural weapons), echolocation, gigantism, increased senses (smell), neural telekinesis (modified), unique senses (sense vibration)
Source: Sand Sharks

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