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1d10 Weird Woodland Path Encounters Table For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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Though out the woodlands, game trails, and  wildness routes created by the apocalyptic events there are places where life and limb are threatened by the forces of the 'neo wild'. Here is a table to delight, threaten, and put your PC's against the forces of ' Neo nature'.
1d10 Weird Woodland Path Encounters Table 
  1. A cybernetic tree created from the remains of thousands perhaps millions of cybernetic units. This life form is a wise and all knowing entity whose circuits have seen the rise and fall of nations. For the price of one minor artifact this cybernetic entity will forecast some future event but its predictions are vague at best and psychotic at worst. There is a 20% of these entities having 1d4 mental mutations. 
  2. There are strange doll like statues made from the twisted remains of tree and humanoid limbs. These things have appeared over night and their purpose remains at best obscure and highly errie. Mental or psychic mutations used on them will cause the use crippling migraine headaches.  
  3. There are 1d10 humanoid bodies suspended from the trees ten or twelve feet above the ground. These bodies are still alive but decayed and strange horrifying mutant vines snake their way through the bodies and the trees. The humanoids are mindless and in a complete vegitative state. They will vanish within 1d4 hours though. 
  4. A small clownlike humanoid in bright and garish colored costume suddenly pops up along the game trail to entertain and cause mayhem. He's actually an android but of a very strange make and model. There is a 40% chance of this thing being a psychotic killer and armed with a wide variety of melee weapons. 
  5. A deranged ecology bot whose programming has activated it and caused it to alter several of its limbs into holographic projectors that broadcast random pre apocalyptic educational shows. The bot will show up late at night or early morning and cause random noise as well as disturbances. 
  6. A cult of 1d10 cultists are on their way to a local shrine that the PC's have never heard of. They wish to cleanse the land of impure influences and each one is dressed in a pre apocalyptic cosplay outfit. They humanoids eyes glow with a strange inner light. And after 1d4 hours the whole cult will vanish in flash of brilliant light. The encounter will happen again after 1d4 days caused by humanoid psychic trees in the area feeding from the decaying remains of psychic mutant corpses. 
  7. A rain of bright red yellow blood like liquid falls from the trees staining everyone present with strange though harmless fungus which will sprout in 1d4 hours. The stuff will wash off with soap and water but will leave weird blotches 
  8. A large mutant draft animal stumbles along a game trail upon its back, flank, sides, etc are hundreds of minor wounds. There are hundreds of tiny humanoid creatures feeding from the thing. They will not harm PC's unless attacked, any  mutants with mental mutations present will feel an incredible mental pressure to save or flee in fear from the area. 
  9. A troupe of robotic and cybernetic circus performers in full motley appear and begin to perform tricks, and put on a show. They suddenly vanish into a haze of oddly coloured smoke within 1d4 hours. This is actually the mental projection of a small mutant child 1d4 miles away whose remembering and dreaming about a performance he or she witnessed a few years ago. The child is a powerful if harmless psychic. There is however 20% of this child being able to bend reality to their wills and being a menace to nearby communities and the PC's.
  10. Every single tree in the forest glows with a strange inner light and chanting pounds the minds of all present only to stop without any explanation. The chanting is so seemingly loud that it drowns out any conversation and begins to follow the PC's for 1d4 miles or kilometers along the woodland trails. 

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