Wednesday, July 2, 2014

1d10 Weird & Unusual Dumpster Finds Table For Mutant Future or Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Do your Mutant Adventurers check each and every cache and garbage dumpster? If so we've got a few random surprises in store for them!
Don't forget to check the dumpsters when your out in the deep post apocalyptic wasteland!

1d10 Weird & Unusual Dumpster Finds Table
  1. In the bottom of this dumpster is a sleep pod that contains a small green dwarf  psychic mutant of a species unknown to  the PC's. The entire interior of the dumpster has been converted to a biomechnical lair. Several skulls with unusual holes bored into the foreheads lay scattered around the lair. Several simple indicators flash from red to green and there is the sound of frozen gas escaping from the pod. 
  2. This dumpster contains thousands of decaying flesh parts all belonging to the exact same being. There are tattoos with bar codes on each part and weird lettering on toe tag like signs hanging from each part. A few of the parts begin to twitch as you approach them. Suddenly the parts begin to come to life and surge over one another. Bits of flesh move everywhere. Roll save vs disease for any exposure. 
  3. There are thousands of old fashioned cameras in this dumpster all broken and with cracked lens. Each and everyone of these cameras has film in them. Having the film developed will reveal different snap shots of body parts all from different bodies. At the very bottom of the dumpster is the mangled body of a companion android he has three cameras around his neck but is powered down. A new bio fusion cell is needed to power him. 
  4. This dumpster contains thousands of android heads. The heads resemble decayed humans but all have been made up to look like zombies. Each head is from a common domestic android and should they be attached to a body will come to life as a twisted psychotic killer. The personality of the androids each has been patterned off a famous psychopathic killer from history. 
  5. This dumpster is filled with literally thousands of empty and drained energy cells. Any attempted to energizer the cell  will result in the thing exploding for 3d6 points of damage and the PC nearest will have their skin dyed in a primary colour. The colour will not wear off for 1d8 weeks. Predatory animals especially mutant monsters will be attracted to the PC. 
  6. At the bottom of the dumpster is classic energy weapon with an empty cell and a slightly decayed human ear. A strange piece of blue velvet like fabric about the size of a handkerchief is nearby. There is an air of menace and melancholy about the items. 
  7. The dumpster is part of a trans dimensional gateway and it will lead to a metallic hall way done in the same colours as the dumpster. The PC has just entered a multi level dungeon. The place has twelve levels of absolutely insane traps and tricks. The PC's are now part of an alien psychological experiment. 
  8. The interior of the dumpster has been converted into a lair of a group of mutant kobolds who are raiding nearby farms and forcing the farmers to cut off their own fingers . They then force the farmers to tell them fairy tales from which the kobolds extract the essence of dreams from them. This essence is collected in special magical vessels and sold to the 'fairies' of a nearby dimension. The kobolds have thirty two vessels and tribute awaiting instructions from the 'Fey'.The vessels murmur and sing to each other at night.  
  9. There is a phone at the bottom of the dumpster and as soon as you see it, the phone begins to ring. Those who answer it can't remember what was said but they all have unusual markings upon the throat and a vague sensation of dread. 
  10.  This dumpster is filled with Lovecraftian artifacts, texts, and several maps to places that don't exist anymore. The whole treasure is worth up to 987 gold pieces. 

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