Sunday, July 6, 2014

1d10 Weird Random Fossilized Lovecraftian Finds Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Your adventurers stumble upon a safe, strong box, or other unusual vaults with some strange pre holocaust fossils, the finds give off unusual psychic emanations and could be quite valuable. This table contains some weird and unusual finds that may puzzle,kill, or put the fear of the ancient gods in your party.

1d10 Weird Random Fossilized Finds Table
  1. The preserved head of ancient soldier in amber from the time of the last Ice Age that was used as the genetic basis for a faction of super soldiers who are willing to pay over 300 gold pieces for the artifact. The brain of the preserved skull actually has 1d8 mental mutations and is directing its cloned army of psychopathic mutant warriors from beyond the grave. 
  2. This piece of amber contains a preserved giant musiquto and the horrid mutant plague germ that was used in the creation of one of the most horrid weapons of the Holocaust. There is a 30% chance of handling this artifact will infect the user with a variation of Edgar Allen Poe's Red Death disease. Worth 500 gold pieces because a special serum can be made from the cloned germs found in this item. 
  3. A preserved claw cut crystal is actually an artifact of the ancient serpent men of Valusia and allows one to contact the ancient serpent overlords across space and time telepathically. There is a 40% chance of one of these ancient horrors trying to possesses the PC. The claw is worth 600 gold pieces and acts a cursed item ala Labyrinth Lord Rules. 
  4. A alien  giant leech from 400 million years ago, now part of a rock. The thing's life force still echoes through eternity and allows the user to access 1d6 random mental mutations. There are still alien elements out in the universe searching for this thing from another world and a cult of worshipers on Earth who will kill the owner for this artifact. 
  5. A giant crystallized fish from the waters around the Crypt of Cthulhu. This artifact retains 1d8 random visions from the telepathic mind of the Great Old One and will try to drive insane anyone possessing it. There will be a recovery party of 1d8 Deep One half breed warriors who will want this thing.  
  6. The preserved brain of an ancient insect from Mars who will try to dominate anyone within forty feet of this thing. The alien mind will want to carry out its ancient agenda and not be aware that thousands of years have passed .This ancient  warrior will try to contact its brothers from beyond the grave. It may be able to summon 1d10 ancient alien specters or worse from with in the solar system. 
  7. This ancient preserved fossilized plant is actually all that remains of a hyper intelligent plant species that will try to contact its own descendants in the post apocalyptic wasteland. This plant's agenda extends to several off world colonies and ventures where its interests are. There is a 20% chance of a lone group of alien hunters will seek out the finder of this stone. The stone also acts a predatory magnet drawing many mutant predators to the PC. 
  8. This rock has trapped within it a complex clock work mechanism that originally could not have come from the time period preceding the current one. The mechanism is one of the time travel pieces of the Great Race of Yith and they are looking for it. Uncovering this artifact will allow 1d8 Great Race to kidnap the PC's in order to devise their plans for this artifact and other treasures that the PC's might have. 
  9.  This green soap stone carving actually has the preserved eye ball of some ancient monster within it. The thing will whisper and telepathically laugh at the PC's and then try to mentally dominate the PC's. The thing will try to chance a PC's alignment to Chaotic evil; 
  10. This ancient fossilized heart actually belongs to a Saurian wizard who was one of the key causes of the Apocalypse. For his crimes his heart was removed and scattered across time. He will try to observe the goings on around him. The heart may grant 1d10 mental mutations and knowledge of the ancient past as well as the resting place of 1d4 random ancient treasures. 

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