Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Random 1d10 Phone Booth In the Deep Wasteland Encounter Table For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Your mutant adventurers run across a pristine American phone booth in the middle of the deep wasteland with power. The door is open and the light at this point is off but then the light flips on and the phone starts to ring!

Random 1d10 Phone Booth In the Deep Wasteland Encounter Table 
  1. This is not a pone booth but a trap for a mutant cannibal family of inventive Morlocks who maintain the ancient relic as a trap for the unwary. They have a number of very nasty and dangerous traps all around the area. This happens to be one of the most obvious of them. 
  2. The phone both is as it appears a time lost relic, the peace has been caught in a time space warp. Anyone answering the phone will hear a desperate voice on the other end pleading in a dialect of the common tongue for help. The call will be interrupted by static and followed by the black plastic hand set of the phone heating up to an uncomfortable temperature. If the DM is feeling particularly mean he may call for a radiation and mutation check after 1d4 rounds. There is a 5% chance of the PC getting catch in the time space warp and whisked back in time to the actual apocalyptic event of WW III. 
  3. Anyone answering the phone will have the sensation of their mind being touched by millions of telepathic probes. This isn't a phone booth at all but an alien probe built to look like a phone booth after the mind probe of an unfortunate pre holocaust alien abductee. The PC holding the phone receiver must make a save vs poison or be affected by a paralytic contact poison. The PC will be aware of everything going on around him but can't react as some very weird other worldly aliens cart him away. 
  4. The phone booth is just as it appears and is worth a fortune to the right collector but there will be little that the PC's can do to move it because its cemented to the spot. 
  5. The phone booth is actually part of an infernal pact made by a mutant for his soul and a planar demon from the Outer Darkness. Anyone stepping into it will find themselves in a Lovecraftian Hellish plane with strange tendrilled horrors wheeling in a black and green sky over head. Here and there light green flames from beyond the pale light up the landscape basking the phone booth in their green glow. In 1d6 rounds a demonic soldier creature will come to investigate. 
  6. This phone booth is actually a matter transmitter from another star system and will transport anyone stepping into it three billion light years from their present position onto another even more alien post apocalyptic landscape. Hope you packed your towel. 1d8 alien gargoyle like creatures come in for lunch, you. 
  7. The phone booth is actually a communication device sent back in time from the future. They're willing to reward you for a small task that your PC's have to perform. The DM will fill you in one the details. 
  8. This phone booth is actually part of a chain of devices used to order from the Intergalactic Department Store chain. The operator asks you in common what you would like to order? Name a minor artifact and within 1d8 rounds it will appear. Within 1d10 rounds four very large IDS goons in power armor will appear demanding payment. They will have max hit points and be exceedingly dangerous. 
  9. This isn't a phone booth at all but actually a mutant telepathic metamorph whose taken on the appearance of a phone booth from the mind of a former victim. This horror will not only try to eat you ( the maw is actually the floor of the phone booth with tongue like tendrils for sucking you in but it will digest you as well) but if you should escape there will be 1d6 eggs implanted in any wounds. 
  10. This phone booth's call is from Cthulhu. 


  1. Thanks Needles :-)
    11. The audio on the call is incomprehensible. The handset shocks the PC, who thereafter can use the power of True Sight (as per the amulet) once per day. Any given daily use may be transferred to another by licking their forehead.
    12. A sepulchral voice delivers a prophecy of the PC's death in bizarrely precise detail of circumstance, but frustratingly vague about time and place. Henceforth the player may Max out one die roll in any encounter by saying "This moves me toward my DOOM." The DM tallies the amount used to Max out the rolls. When they reach a secret total (maybe 250 for D&D?) the prophesied death befalls the PC.

  2. Good stuff Rainswept sounds like you've got the makings of one hell of a D&D or Mutant Future game encounter. You ought to run it and see how it turns out. Let me know the results.

    1. For my Mutant Bikers of the Atomic Wastelands I use the Mutant Future mutations and generate those first, then anything with hit dice from B/X as a race that makes a good fit with the player's idea for their mutant (a Bronze Golem for a diesel powered mechanoid, for example), then cybernetics and artifacts to bring the weaker PCs in line with the most powerful base creature (if the player wants them). Anyways, this phone booth is definitely going in, but maybe as a whole network... the pre-digital POTS colonised by an exiled branch of the Sumerian pantheon, or somesuch. Ma Bell meets the Deck of Many Things.

  3. #10 is of course a collect call.

    #13 The bodies of 2 humans are lay on the floor of the booth, along with 2 pristine electric guitars that work without electricity or amp. The phone, and the strange antenna on top of the booth are both smashed.

  4. Great thoughts David! Some might even say, 'Excellent'.

  5. It really sounds like you've got a really cool take on the usual OSR post apocalyptic DYI ethos Rain swept. More mutant madness coming up!


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