Sunday, July 6, 2014

1d10 Weird Abandon Industrial Site Encounters Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Your adventurers stumble upon the ruins of some industrial site deep in the wastelands when something unexpected turns up. What possible encounter opportunities might happen? Here's a table of the odd and the strange to get the PC's to encounter the high weirdness in the post apocalyptic wilderness.

1d10 Weird Abandon Industrial Site Encounters Table 
  1. Thirty three black plastic coffin shaped sleep pods each containing organic liquid slip with a wide variety of organs, gore, and worse. The stuff starts to move as soon as the lid is opened. The contents smell vaguely of cotton candy and human sweat. 
  2. A small device that has parts from a personal computer, cobbled together digital and analog displays, and more is sitting on the lap of a mutant's corpse dressed in a clown suit with full make up on. A cardboard sign nearby reads,'Caution Working Time Machine! ' 
  3. A brand new pre apocalyptic car wrapped in a Mylar plastic covering and sealed with a big bright red bow! There is a fully charged fuel cell in the engine and a pure strain human corpse in the trunk with a suit case nuclear device handcuffed to the wrist of the corpse. 
  4. A full functional traffic light that swings from an imaginary breeze. The sound of a rail road crossing's warning sign sounds nearby. Strange streaks of blue white lighting arch over every metal surface causing 1d6 points of damage to any exposed flesh or electronic equipment present. The signal light vanishes in a puff of smoke in 1d4 rounds. 
  5. A small companion droid sits in a lost little corner and suddenly comes to life and speaks with an outrageous French accent, asking who is the leader here? The droid is actually an assassination device and will explode if taken to such a leader otherwise the thing passes itself off as a comedy model programmed to serve in strip joints and low level clubs. 
  6. There is a strange glass like device with multi coloured liquids on the floor. The device is made from hand blown glass and contains a strange alchemical mixture that will turn anything its poured on to stone or a crystal like substance within 1d8 rounds. You must break the glass to access this mixture. 
  7. Three thousand pairs of humanoid eye balls in bio liquid suspension, these parts are still alive and aware. They may remember you should they be tampered with. The parts are worth 400 gold/silver pieces on the cybernetic black market. 
  8. Twelve pounds of mutant high grade hallucinogenic herbs, they are capable of putting a grown mutant male into a 1d10 hour stupor. The user will be visibly astrally and a demon or other half planar creature may try to possess the individual using these substances.  The user's skin will turn vivid blue when using these drugs. 
  9. A sealed specimen pod containing the preserved corpse of a mutated cultist of Cthulhu. The prisoner will spring to life if given the chance and murder anyone present with a jeweled knife. The knife is worth several hundred silver pieces by itself. The cultist is looking for a certain space device that will allow his cult to build space/time bridges to Earth's ancient past and his alien masters. 
  10. A humanoid corpse of an alien 'Grey' that needs to get back to his own kind. The corpse actually belongs to an undead horror that will do anything to get back to its own dimension. This bastard will try to mentally dominate anyone it runs across.  

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