Sunday, July 27, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Harvester from Outer Space (Psychedelic Fantasies #5) From Geoffrey McKinney For Your Old School Campaigns

Grab It Right Over 
This is another location based adventure from the Psychedelic Fantasies line from  Geoffrey McKinney
This is a great location based adventure that takes place upon a space craft in deep orbit above the planet of your campaign or any setting location where your PC's wake up from hypersleep. This one has lots of potential and the author Yves Geens's has a fun time with it. 
If the idea of having your PC's become the victims of alien abduction then this adventure might be one for you!
This is another adventure  in the model that has gone before for this line. Namely that the wild, weird, gonzo, and untamed nature of some the products of OD&D from yesteryear can done today. But there's a twist on this with the design ethos of Mr.McKinney. That being that locations, unique monsters, treasure extra, and old school coolness can be done at an affordable price. These adventures are on sale at both Drivethrurpg and Rpgnow.
This is a very well done short ten page adventure packed with lots of high alien weirdness. Don't worry about the powerful and unique artifacts here, the space craft is in deep orbit and there's little chance that your PC's will get back with all of the loot.
The maps are simple and quick and there's lots of room here for expansion. I can see using this adventure to convey a party to another setting such as an X plorers campaign while the PC's struggle for their lives. If you wish to add in PCs from either Mutant Future or any other tempoid  or time travel setting. These bug eyed monsters could be raiding the centuries and beyond.
The adventure reminds me of the 'Mother ship Zeta' add on content for the old Fall Out games and it has about that same potential to knock a party on their ear as they struggle to figure their situation out.
Here the ideas of the 'dungeon in space' get a work out as the PC's have no idea what might be lurking around a corner. The stats,monsters, 'magic items', and more are done so that they can be used with any of the incarnations of the world's most popular fantasy role playing game.
 This is another great adventure to introduce your Lamentations of The Flame Princess party to the post apocalyptic wasteland and beyond. The encounters here are designed to not only kill but cement a party against several common enemies within the bowels of the space going dungeon.
I can also see using this module as a bridge gap with a first edition Metamorphosis Alpha game by transporting the 'dungeon' to the Warden or one of the Dark Outpost locations.
The dungeon keeps the Psychedelic Fantasies line ethos of unique monsters, high weirdness, gonzo lethality, and high adventure. Because its on sale, it might be time to grab this one on the cheap and get your party aboard for a deep orbit abduction and fight for survival.
All in all its a pretty concise, tightly designed, and well thought out adventure. 
I had a blast reading this one. 

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