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1d10 Weird Random Storage Facility Finds Table For The Mutant Future Rpg and Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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Your adventurers stumble upon some barrels outside  a ware house. What possible weird finds are waiting for you? This table might actually help to fill out an odd or weird encounter  that is waiting to happen in the deeper wastelands.

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1d10 Weird Random Storage Facility Find Tables
  1. There are 1d100 barrels each contains the mummified remains of a undead that were a part of a cryogenic facility. Should any of these beings escape confinement they will attack the nearest victim desperate to devour the victim's liver and eyes. 
  2. There are 1d6 barrels full of hundreds of  gallons a mutated erotic martial aid, the stuff will drain any victim of moisture it can. The stuff will escape into the nearby woodland and begin to ravage the nearby countryside.
  3. There are two shipping containers with 1d30 companion androids that have been converted into war droids with light laser rifles. They will burst into action and strip the PC's of any useful equipment before heading off on a pre programmed mission of warfare. 
  4. A single barrel sits alone waiting for someone to blunder upon it. There are 1d8 fungal growths waiting for someone upset this barrel. Each of these fungus monsters will cause a PC to glow with a blue green light radioactive glow. Although harmless the glow will attract any mutated predators to attack the PC and spread the fungus. The PC must seek medical care or sprout with 1d8 fungal growths across their bodies. 
  5. There are 1d6 barrels full of rainbow coloured chemicals that will dye a person's skin permanently unearthly colours. After 1d8 days several different planar Lovecraftian creatures will hunt down the PC. There are several artifacts that can easily remove these colour but they are rare  in the post apocalyptic wasteland.
  6. Behind a wall of barrels and boxes are 1d8 mutant hunting robots that will burst upon the PC's and take genetic samples from all of the PC's. And each robot will seek to escape to their Genetic Purist masters so that they can hunt them down later or as part of a slaver cloning scheme. 
  7. A large box like storage container contains 1d30 'House Wife' android units and each of them has been reprogrammed as assassin bots. The androids will react as normal until an opportunity presents itself to murder the PC's. 
  8. A large container has an alien power crystal that will begin to glow and throw off radiation that will cause a radiation hazard immediately. After 1d8 rounds a large flying saucer to claim the thing. Plants and building material will be mutated and strangely warped.  
  9. A large storage container contains thousands of human and humanoid hands. These undead horrors will suddenly burst to life and attack the PC's. On the inside palm of each hand is a ringed suckered mouths which will try to suck the blood of a victim. 
  10. This incredibly large PKE unit has a large nuclear cell that powers this unit. It contains 1d100 specters and ghosts that will flee from the unit. There is a 30% chance that one or more of the entities will try to possess any of the PC's. 

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