Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Quick Look At The New Post Apocalyptic Film - Mad Max: Fury Road 2014 For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

'Mad Max Fury Road' is the 2014 Mad Max remake starring Tom Hardy and I've got a look at the teaser trailer this morning. I realize that there is going to be a ton of new material coming out of the various Comic cons but I wanted to take a look at the film and its effects as well as influence on old school table top post apocalyptic gaming.
The Mad Max franchise from the 70's through 80's were a  fun house distortions of  post apocalyptic dreams and nightmares that seemed to warp in from another world. The brutality and non stop action of the first film to the high weirdness of the last made them  have very look lasting cult film status. They also made a super star out of Mel Gibson.
This pop culture monster has filtered down to role playing games and war games, toys, boardgames, novels across planet Earth.
The film's  look is still being seen in table top gaming products today.
But what of the new film from the back view of a post apocalyptic fan?

Teaser poster

It looks like we're going to be getting high action in the post apocalyptic wasteland and we've got a ton of material slowly leaking out ahead of this film. The plot details seems to concern Max's struggles against various tribes of wasteland scum and the continuing fight for survival. The production looks  very expensive and great. But will the film match up to the continuing hype that we see out of the media machine lately?
 This is a film with a journey of over twenty five years in development hell and there's lots riding on this one for the studio including the reboot and merchandising rights here.
For table top gamers, if this one goes well then you can damn well bet the fact that you'll be seeing campaigns of Mutant Future and every old school post apocalyptic rpg gracing the table top. Especially, Gamma World first and second edition which has always had the Max films lurking in the background.
Understand I'm not condemning this film at all. There have been a lot of talent brought on board from what I understand. I simply have a wait and see attitude about this one.
From the various post apocalyptic factions to Red Death of Gamma World along with bits and pieces of post apocalyptic fiction and adventures over the years, the Mad Max films have had cast a vast shadow into the games that we love. Where will this one's influence be felt?
 Well over the last few years I personally can see its influence has been leaking into various comic books and miniatures. This might only be a case of echoes of  development though. 

For my money this one could be the start of a very large number of things to come down the pike. We'll see what and how the influence of Max will continue. Can they equal the cult status and brutality of the old Seventies film?
 Possibly. But I can also see this bombing or spawning more of the adventures of Max. Either way the post apocalyptic adventures that the Mad Max films will appear in one form or another at table tops across the globe rest assured of that. 

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