Friday, July 25, 2014

Across The Thin Yellow Line - Mutant Epoch Rpg Post Apocalyptic Campaign Adventure Encounter- An Actual Play Interlude

The PC's in tonight's game managed to sneak by the Skullocks and get out of the underground maze without firing a shot with their medical supplies. They got back to the Megatruck just in time for a fight with flocks of mutant scavenger birds that were more then they seemed.
The bastards closed in on the party and targeted cars, tribal members, weapons systems, and more with highly corrosive bird droppings. The various items of the PC's really took a beating including the Nomad pack that keeps running across the PC's tracks.
 It became evident that these birds were highly intelligent and tactically targeting the PC's weak areas as the PC's dodged attacks and learned of the second surprise these things had in their beaks. Piranha like teeth making these horrors capable of leaving deep gouge wounds in their prey as they flew by. But the worst attack was the sonic breath weapon attack that did 1d10 points of damage. Windows shattered, skulls and eardrums burst, and  the attacks came in waves. The birds were willing to sacrifice themselves due to the fact that they were controlled by a joint telepathic hive mind.
The birds were a pre apocalpytic bio weapon that was telepathically controlled by a highly dangerous mutated super smart giant eagle was directing the attack through telepathic commands to the hive mind.
The PC's finally won but the cost was high and the PC's had to rely on a map that they had of a nearby former strip mall now in ruins. The place once housed an auto parts store and they had to mount a mission for parts for there Mega truck, the nomad pack cars and trucks.
A trip through the woods and a confrontation with several giant leeches resulted in an NPC hireling dying from massive blood loss. Finally arriving at the ruins the PC's broke into the ruins and small underground warehouse space. A confrontation with a pack of mutant giant cockroaches resulted in a small treasure and some minor artifacts.
The PC's found the parts they needed but also ran for their lives from a pack of armored mutant war dogs.Arrows bounced off the head bone rack and armor of the dogs. The PC's ran for their lives as the PC's heavy ballista.

After another extensive melee session the PC's found themselves back on the road again and cruising up towards the former country of Canada.
The kept a sharp eye out for road pirates and gripped their cross bows with fear and nervousness. They passed by several rather unsavory looking individuals but no further combat was had.
They hooked up with the Neo caravan that they've been traveling with a are cruising up near a trade out post. They may want to stop to resupply and deal with the locals. From the shadows another road pirate scout waits and watches from the shadows.
To be continued next week!


  1. So now that you are a few sessions in to play The Mutant Epoch, how is combat working for you and your group?

  2. Pretty well Bill, I play with some great experienced old school gamers and I think that ME isn't really designed for folks who haven't played the game. The group seems to enjoy the change of pace a bit more then Mutant Future. Combat is a bit more reckless & in some cases lethal in ME and its certainly got a bit more crunch to it. I enjoy the game and haven't had to create any monsters for the adventures we've been having. Right now we've been really getting into the main rule book and digging out some the fidddly bits to see what works and house rule what needs to be. So the combat is alright so far.

  3. Cool. Sounds like your group is enjoying themselves!


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