Sunday, July 13, 2014

On The Road Again - Mutant Epoch Rpg Post Apocalyptic Campaign Adventure Encounter- An Actual Play Interlude

 Tonight my Mutant Epoch game campaign picked up with my players dealing with the latest romp on the Global Highway Campaign. Tonight the PC's were investigating an on going war with a group of mutant road pirates lead by the half Skullock war lord Black Baron whose been raiding the ruins just outside of Old New York City and Boston. 

The PC's stopped powered up the solar fusion cells on their Megatruck and closed in the last rumored location of a small tactical scout group of Black Baron's road pirate scouts. The on going rumor is that there's a research facility just outside of New York City and something's been going down over the last twenty four hours. 

The PC's stumbled upon the location after a night time drive through along the road and a dangerous encounter with a lone mutant road pirate sniper with a heavy rifle scope and a vendetta. It took the better part of a half an hour to deal with the mutant scout.
After a lengthy and somewhat harrowing battle the PC's located the road pirate's mega trucks, automobiles, and a pair of scout trikes. They stopped, moved stealthy in, and discovered ropes descending deep into a set of vast underground ruins. This was actually a former parking garage and a small shopping mall.
Image result for parking garage
After doing a careful search for more snipers or mutant monsters the PC's secured their own megatruck and then descended down the road pirate's ropes into the pitch black.
They encountered a set of underground mutant worm monsters and after a pitched melee. These ancient nameless horrors of the wasteland bit the dust.
The PC's followed the sounds of voices echoing through the darkness. They found one of the party of road pirates about three of them securing an ancient ruined vehicle. This was an intact ambulance stuffed with a small fortune in medical supplies and medicine.
After a series of stealth rolls and sneak checks the PC's snuck up on the road pirates and killed every last one of them. The pirates were making the drug storage, defibulators, power cells, and more secured for top side salvage. The rest of the pirates were no where to be found and had to be deeper in the ruins. After stripping the bodies of anything useful the party began to head deeper into the mall ruins and ran smack into a group of Skullock warriors armed with bows and arrows, as well as blow guns. There's a chance that the little twisted bastards didn't see the party.. yet.
To be continued this coming week! 

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