Friday, July 11, 2014

1d10 Weird Woodland Fungus Encounter Table For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

In the Neo nature woodlands there is nothing quite like encountering the alien weirdness of mutant fungus. The sheer variety and general all in all creepy factor of the stuff in the woods makes fungal encounters alien odd and downright disconcerting in the post apocalyptic woodlands and ruins.
1d10 Weird Woodland Fungus Encounter Table
  1. The PC's encounter hundreds of small humanoids running here and there. These area all controlled from the centeral brain of a nearby brain fungus that will attempt to telepathically communicate and then possess one of the PCs of the party. The brain fungus glows with an inner low level radioactive energy after 1d4 hours exposure the PC's will have to make saving throws. 
  2. There are rolling black clouds of spores above the PCs' heads. A large pile of nearby fungal material will be growing by 1d10 feet per hour as the fungus wants a work with one of the PC's. 
  3. There is a one eyed prehistoric semi humanoid mutant monster that flies and uses a wide variety of hooks, talons, etc.The thing will seek out PC's inorder to test them for an upcoming mission. 
  4. The carcass of a giant insect is riddled with bullet holes and there are 1d6 small gold and silver ores ready for transport. The fun begins when a small fungus glows all around the PC's and the sound of chanting and drumming begins all around your PC's 
  5. A zombie or undead thing stumbles towards your PC and vomits forth a wall of flies that seeks to bite any PC's to spread its infection. The thing's stomach is wall to wall biological workshop. 
  6. This giant mushroom vomits forth this foul smelling grey green liquid that will eat through several layers of metal or corrode light weight materials. The stuff will acts as cure light wounds spell. 
  7. All around the PC's are row after row of giant mushrooms. The stuff moves on invisible winds and will drop spores that will cause hallucinations about giant fungus and the hidden alien fungal agenda. 
  8. A crate of dried mushrooms sits in the middle of the forest. Any attempted to move this box will result in the thing exploding for 3d6 points of damage and a strange infection that will cause the PC to crave human flesh.
  9. There is a giant mushroom at the side of the road. This thing is actually one of a handful of mutants that are actually deadly hunters who value humanoid heads and they will collect on their bounties from the State. 
  10. There is an incredibly expansive field of fungus A colour from beyond the pale has made this its twisted layer and is mutating the locals according to some strange inner radiation that will cause anyone exposed to this Lovecraftain horror to check for the symptoms of radiation sickness and make a mutation check. Failure will result in the PC being twisted into a new fungal horror from beyond the pale. 

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