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1d10 Weird Random Weather Events Of The Wasteland Table For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Your PC's encounter a very dangerous and weird random weather event in the wastelands. A strange storm blows in from deep within the wastes and carries with it more then mere death and destruction! 
This table came about because of the Skirmisher Publishing's Facebook post by Derek Holland's blog - 
'Game guru Derek Holland has posted to d-Infinity (d-∞) Online about "Bad Weather in Mutant Future"! Find out how to add another element of hazard to your post-apocalyptic games' ...
While I do agree with many of the weather related hazards, for my post apocalyptic games I need that little extra push and so we ended up with the table below.  

1d10 Weird Random Weather Events Of The Wasteland Table
  1. This storm is actually the rage and violence of a god from outside space and time.The clouds and weather patterns form into the features of rage and violence of the god. Lightning and weather will rage down for 3d6 points of damage and fry any electronics within a one mile range unless a saving throw is made. 
  2. This storm brings with it ripping winds and acidic rains, any metals will be mildly corroded by the strange liquids. The any surfaces exposed to these rains will be etched with mystic symbols and signs of ill fortune and the names of Infernal powers. PC's skin will be turned a crimson red and their cloths with smell of sulfur for days afterward the event. 
  3. This storm will expose three or four mile patches of landscape to strange cosmic rays. Areas will be turned to full daylight like exposures of weird light and anything caught within these storms will have to make minor radiation checks. Tissues will glow with strange internal lights and bones will have a fluorescence to them. Electric devices will start randomly when the PC approaches them and suddenly shut off within a round or so. 
  4. Black Puddings, slime, and fungus will fall from black green ripe seeming clouds that lazily move across the sky as storms intense violence rage around these things. 
  5. This incredible magnetic storm will cause any metal objects to arch with weird blue violent electrical energies. Time itself will turn back 1d20 minutes and any clocks may break unless appropriate saves are made. There is a 30% of a dimensional breach opening with a 1d30 mile radius of this storm. 
  6. The sky will fill with incredibly dark and evil seeming clouds, the winds will howl like the screams of children and the damned themselves. Rains will kick up violently as the souls killed during the apocalyptic events of years gone by are released upon the world. There is a 60% chance of encountering zombies, undead, demons, or worse as the gates of Hell itself rattle the world around you. There is a 20% chance of some form of undead being left behind after 2 hours of this storm's passing. 
  7. This storm will cause all sound in a 4 mile radius to cease. Voices, noise, and any audio effects will be canceled as the basic laws of physics are canceled for 1d6 days. The sound will come back gradually and seemingly weirdly effected until normality reacts again. 
  8. The sky fills with a strange inky blackness and the reverse of clouds appears in the sky. Rains of blue green liquid will fall from the sky and small ill formed humanoid pink and green creatures will appear in marble sized eggs. These things will not be alive but will release a horrible smelling gas that will cause anyone who smells it to gag. Charisma and appearance based attributes will be effected by this smell. 
  9. The storm rips apart the time space continuum and the sky is filled with the faces of dread Great Old Lovecraftian gods who while still locked outside of time and space may take an interest in the PC's. Reality will seemingly run like melted wax under their gaze but the effect will cease within 1d4 rounds. There is a 40% chance of the god sending one of its minions to investigate the PC. 
  10. This seemingly normal rain storm may change any metal items to gold should the item not make its save. Any cloth or clothing items will turn to lead. Watches and other time pieces will cease working when this storm passes. Time will fold in on itself and everyone present will lose two hours but they may not be the same two hours. 

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