Wednesday, July 9, 2014

1d10 Weird Wasteland Mechanical Artifact Table For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Your party stumbles upon a strange mechanical artifact in the deep wasteland. What is it and what does it do? Can it kill the PC's or has this relic been abandon for a reason? 

1d10 Weird Wasteland Mechanical Artifact Table
  1. A twelve foot tall clock like device made from brass and steel that operates on a series of inter connecting gears, cogs, and powered by a giant wind up spring steel mechanism. This device will affect the inner ear of any one present when it operates by quietly producing deep sub sonic echoes. Anyone observing must make a hazard check or saving throw or be enthralled by the machine. Anyone interfering with it will have 2d6 pointd of damage done to them by the complicated power cell vs. the machinery. The device is worth 200 gold in scrap value alone. 
  2. A giant series of interconnected blue steel cages attached to some very complex clockwork mechanisms. This weird under lit maze like device will force PC's in and not let the fools escape. There is a strange set of ruins going down one side of the machine as it tries to damage the PCs. The thing will summon one very intelligent and dangerous demon to destroy the PC's. 
  3. This fist sized wind up device is actually high yield generator that will recharge all types of power cells and can control small scale local space time continuum. Worth 139 gold piece or more when it's discovered. 
  4. This holographic generator will easily display any place locally and access any nearby computer set ups. This artifact only wishes a small sample of blood, bile, and urine to activate. The device will store any samples in a special bay that is only accessible by its real owner. 
  5. This small golden mechanical insect is actually a part of one of the most complex hives of these creatures in the area. They are all part of a mechanical A.I hive mind that wishes this small one returned to its Creators. 
  6. This very large metal sphere is actually a part of a time machine that can only partially exist in our space time continuum. This device will open a window in space and time and allow 1d6 alien intruders to access your dimension. They will disappear within 1d4 rounds but may carry off a PC in the meantime. 
  7. This ancient computer system looks like a clock but is actually a time lost robot. The device will observe the PCs for a couple of days before stealing parts and what it needs to build a FTL drive and leave Earth so that no one may follow in its wake. 
  8. This strange and twisted bit mechanical madness. This strange bit of a larger mechanism is able being the local space time continuum. It may turn back time 1d6 years and show the PC's opportunities where adventure and mayhem are to be had. This device was owned by the Great Race of Yith and they want it back. 
  9. This phone booth like device is connected with a rather nasty looking mechanical device that will allow the whole artifact to have instant access to any of the nearby alternative dimensions. The door swings both ways and there are several places where your needed  and this device will allow you to access all of them. 
  10. This fist sized device will easily call down a 3d6 point lightning strike on anything within a 20 yard radius. There is a 30% chance of the device summoning a very dangerous lightning monster who will attack anyone present. This device once belonged to the cult of The Krackler and they want it back. There will be a 400 gold piece bounty on anyone owning this device there is a 10% chance of the device creating an energy clone of a random PC whose handled this device.. 

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