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1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Neo -Trader Encounters Table For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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When adventuring in the deep wastes of the post apocalyptic world, one never knows who or what a PC will come across. In the wastes of the Altered States, Neo traders ply their trade along the ancient former highways and byways of  'Merica. Here's a very small random sampling of some of the wanders of the waste.

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Neo - Traders Encounter Table 
  1. A small family of mutant reptilians trading in electronics and bullets for all caliber of guns. They also have a fine selection of water filtration units as well. These folks are Orthodox Set worshipers following the rolling storms of the wastes and making the occasional quick buck in the name of trade. There are a family of 1d8 traders and first level fighters. Very patient and friendly, they don't push their religious views only their goods. 
  2. A  mutant/cyborg robot slave trader moving along with his highly specialized group of 1d10 androids who think nothing of moving groups of robotic slaves of all types. Willing to trade parts for units. Specializes in former sexoids and smokes highly dubious hallucinogenic substances from a water pipe as well. 
  3. A humanoid fungoid man wrapped in deep white robes who specializes in medical spores and cures for all types of wasteland medical issues. A 3rd level cleric of the Shroom god and his attendants. Trades for skin samples and urine from humanoids for services. Loves gems as well. 
  4. A strange demonically seeming mutant who trades arms and armors, enjoys trading stories of bloodletting and combat. Smiles with a mouth full of needle like canines and uses his retractable tongue to clean his face of sand and grit. Rides upon a giant mutant insect, he is served by several other weird cloned riders who ride similar mounts. Surprisingly friendly and outgoing. Trades for artifacts and some jewelry on the side. Loves candy. 4th level fighter and good with energy weapons 
  5. A strange pure strain human mount man on a cybernetic mount who loves old electronics and gold. Works on all types of mechanisms and watches. Has a facial tick and a slight limp in his left leg. Swears in English and Binary code from time to time. 
  6. A flock of mutant birds of an evil disposition who are actually some of the most accomplished jewelers and toy makers. They love to trade small bits of plastic and crystal for minor artifacts but they must be small. Very easy to get along with but with very nasty dispositions if cheated. 
  7. A strange mutant slug/humanoid combination who trades in cloned parts and cybernetics. His slime is a preservative and germfree medium. An accomplished surgeon as well and a 3rd level cleric of the 'Mutant messiah'. Rides a mutant donkey and every fighter, adventurer, etc. owes him a favor so harming this being would be unwise. Very easy going and friendly. 
  8. A troupe of actors and mutant mimes who are also information brokers and telepathic traders specializing in dreams and memories. They trade small artifacts and move about on giant mutant dragon flies. They trade information for horse flesh for their mounts and know this area well. 
  9. A giant multi armed and handed  mutant humanoid who trades pre apocalyptic sheet music for trade goods. He plays four instruments at once and is a popular draw at local watering holes. Rides a very large mutant mount with an ugly disposition. 
  10. A trader specializing in dangerous substances for mutant pest control. This trader is always on the look out for poison glands, tendrils, etc. from the most dangerous of the wasteland's creatures. Sells antidotes for all kinds of critters and is willing to trade favors as well. 


  1. Inspired encounters, as always.

  2. Glad you liked it Trey. More high weirdness in the wasteland coming up Trey! Thanks for the comment.

  3. "A flock of mutant birds of an evil disposition who are actually some of the most accomplished jewelers and toy makers...."

    Each of their nests is itself a dangerous trap, but if successfully disarmed proves to also function as a wondrous artifact commensurate with the hazard of the trap.

  4. Sounds like a winner Rainswept! You ought to spring it on your players next Mutant Future or old school game pal.

    1. Definitely. If the PCs yield to this temptation they will also have made an unusual and potentially very deadly enemy.

  5. This clan of mutant birds is from an ancient Gamma World 1st edition campaign who love shiny jewels, jewelry, and have really, really, long memories. They often a engage PC's in long conversations and rhyming contests. This clan had nests often in the skeletons of skyscrapers and would deal with PC's for trade and sometimes tried to eat them at random. It was instinct and business never personal. ;-)

    1. My Gamma World was second edition, but it made only minor inroads against my long running B/X (family) & AD&D (school) campaigns. It is only in my grey-templed years that post-apocalypses have come to dominate my gaming landscape.


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