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Web Of Intrigue - A Mutant Future Encounter or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

The PC's are approached by local farmer  and mutant Dave Meracheck from Los Diabolic New Mexico. He's looking for a group of adventurers to investigate the recent disappearances of several of his mutant arachnid workers. The community is actually one of several colonies of mutant spiders who provide 90% of the webbing and specialty fabrics used in the Altered States of Merica for industrial purposes and commercial applications.
Dave is a reptilian hybrid whose people settled in the region after the Apocalypse. He's an easy going man with some matter altering abilities. He's willing to pay with a minor artifact, 200 gold pieces, and several specialty bullet proof vests and armor for the PC's.
The ride down to Los Diabolic is a hazardous journey by horse, mutant mount, or mule. The route is along certain major trail rides through dangerous territories preyed upon by outlaws, rustlers, bandits, robots, mutant tribesmen, monsters, and worse.

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Encounters Table 

  1. 1d8 bandits with laser pistols and mutant mounts. These 2nd level humanoid fighters are looking for trouble and victims to prey upon. 
  2. 1d4 giant mutant spiders on the hunt. These overland horrors sport poison dripping fangs and a bad attitude. 
  3. A group of refugees from the town looking to escape from the area with the cloths on their backs into the deep wasteland. They describe mutant black horrors from beyond the pale of mankind. They're down a bit of water and food as well as a bit terrified. 
  4. 1d6 flying dinosaur clones looking for lunch and easy prey. Armed with a sonic blast capable of doing 1d10 points of damage. 
  5. 1d8 robotic and android gun fighters on hover bikes armed with laser carbines and black powder hand guns. Very dangerous and willing to murder anyone who crosses their path. 
  6.  1d10 gang of mutant cut throats out for kicks and loot. They're in several hover bikes, armed with heavy stunners, and long range laser rifles. Mostly wasteland scum. 
  7. A gang of planet men cattle rustlers, 1d6 of the bastards riding sentient cactus and armed with quills they can throw for 1d6 points of damage each. They're willing to parley and trade for cattle or other meat including PC's. 
  8. A gang of 1d10 cultists of the 'Old Voices', looking for sacrifice for their A.I. master. They ride mutant horses and are armed with bows and arrows. 2nd level fighters, thieves, and murderers. 
  9. A mutant desert giant out for slaves, armed with a club, rope, and a very large 12 foot net. Slightly, telepathic and paranoid about his prey. He's willing to parley and trade for some lamb meat or horse. He like's humans and humanoid best. 
  10. A massive waste dragon whose looking for information regarding the disappearance of his mutant cattle herds that he was ready to bring to market. 

Los Diabolic New Mexico.
Los Diabolic New Mexico was once a thriving small town before the apocalypse but is only now starting to come back to life. The settlement of over one hundred mutant arachids is perfect surrrounded by mountains teeming with giant mutant insects and a small cache of humans and humanoids living near town. These folks work with the spiders collecting left over webbing for processing.
The down town is deserted and seems abandoned. The PC's will see row and row of abandon buildings. Only further inspection will reveal the corpses of several mutant spider folk who look as if their insides have exploded outward. Several more blocks and there is evidence of gun fire and lots of it. Buildings are etched with bullet holes and windows are smashed.
Further movement into town  will reveal bale after bale of processed spider silk waiting to be shipped into the larger factory facilities two klicks away from town. There will be several NPC's who will finally be found deep in the heart of the community.
The NPC's will describe the scene like something out of a horror film, a swarm of giant black humanoids as if from the bowels of Hell itself descended upon the town and made off with or slaughtered the spider folk. Among the survivors is the former mayor of the community who describes witnessing the hatred and efficiency of the black creatures who slaughtered the spider folk. Those men who witnessed the scene describes the carnage as something that will haunt him all his days.
The economic base of the town is now officially in danger from the visit of this strange horror.The spider folk workers disappearance has put the valuable crop of spider silk in real jeopardy. Not to mention the mayor's voting block has now almost entirely vanished.
A check with town residents reveals the inclusion of several new comers. A family of girls and their father William Douglas. The Douglas's live at the edge of town and while sociable and outgoing mostly seem to keep to themselves. The Douglas family are in fact spies working for the swarm of Sathra that have invaded the area. The Douglas girls are seemingly normal little human girls are in fact hybrids of the Sathra mother who lurks nearby in the family barn.
Several spider folk families from surrounding communities will pitch in and try to help with the harvest. This is far to tempting a target for the mutant wasp folks. If the PC's can prevent it. There could be a bloody war between the wasps and spider folk. Humans and other locals could get caught in the cross fire. The situation is a powder keg getting ready to explode.
There is also a major artifact of some considerable power that could blow the town off of the map. The spider folk have uncovered a fully working heavy laser cannon and while it should be turned over to the town. They will consider using the weapon system on the mutant wasps should their involvement in the massacre of their fellows become public.  
The weapon system is being held out at the Meracheck spread. The artifact has been hidden even from the farm/ ranch's owner. Dave will be quite surprised and dismayed that his workers have hidden such a dangerous artifact on his property without his permission. Violence may ensue in this web of intrigue out in the wastes.
The Sathra 

Go Right Over
On Chris Van Deelen's Blog For Additional Information On The Creature. 

No. Enc: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 210’ (70’) fly
                    90’ (30’) ground
AC: 2
HD: 7
Attacks: 2 stingers or 2 claws, 1 bite, and 2 wing slaps
Damage: 1d6 / 1d6 plus class 10 poison, or 2d4+3d6 / 2d4+3d6, 1d6+3d6 / 1d4+3d6 / 1d4+3d6
Save: L7
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: I, II (both x5), V (x10), XXI (60% for each artifact category)
Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), bizarre appearance (d), dietary requirement change (spider flesh), gigantism, increased physical attribute (Dexterity and Strength), shapeshift (modified) toxic weapon.

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