Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Free Comic "Children of Doom" by O'Neil and Boyette- Charlton Premiere #2 (cover-dated November 1967) For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Read It Right Over

Children of Doom" by O'Neil and Boyette- Charlton Premiere #2 features a classic cover with one of the most phallic covers in comic book history but don't let that fool you. This is a fantastic old school post apocalyptic comic from the 1960's. Sixty seven to be exact. This story is perfect to draw from as fodder for your old school post apocalyptic adventures. We've got mutants, time travel, alternative worlds and time tracks, weird space travel, and some great artwork to pull from for your games. The vibe in this comic reminds me of some of the great old pot boiler sci fi movies from this same time period.
 All of the classic elements are there to draw from for an adventure. A party could easily shift in and out of the events of this comic helping the plot along at key points allowing a DM to deal with adventure elements as they come. There could be a few alternative random world event encounters along the way to spice things up for a party as well. The encounters for an adventure with this one could be done at key points to keep the adventure's pacing and action moving with a party. I wouldn't say that this comic would make a great campaign but it could be a nice little mini adventure to break up the usual post apocalyptic tradition.
The artwork and pacing in this comic story  is very well done and I enjoyed the old school imagery and artwork.Parts of which reminded me of some of the E.C. style of classic science fantasy comics precede this comic. Many of the elements of visual story telling here would later become incorporated into the surge of graphic novels such as the stark black and white panels, etc.
All in all there's lots to mine from this one. Gaze through this great science fiction classic from another time and get your post apocalyptic groove on for today! 

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