Sunday, July 13, 2014

1d10 Even More Random Deep Wasteland Weird Encounters For Mutant Future Or Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Your post apocalyptic wasteland PCs stumble upon something unusual in the ruins in the wastes of the post apocalyptic landscape. Here's another quick table from the last night's Mutant Epoch campaign. 
Something to spice up the encounters within your adventures. 

1d10 Even More Random Deep Wasteland Weird Encounters Table 
  1. A floating pre apocalyptic garbage truck that defies gravity. The vechile is perfectly preserved and worth hundreds of silver pieces. Its booby trapped though riddled with 1d4 dimensional worm hole doors that lead to many universes. there is a 60% chance of encountering some post apocalyptic monster or hazard in another universe. Could this be the start of a scouting mission for some invading army? 
  2. Thousands of toxic waste barrels full of undead or zombies with strange labels on them. The barrels look unusually delicate and the metal rings around them look rusted. There are 1d4 nearby that quiver and move when approached. 
  3. A rusted and corroded robotic dog, the tag reads 'K-7'. The robot's positronic brain has been hit by energy weapon or laser fire causing a massive short circuit still it might be good for parts. Who knows what secrets or records its brains or memory banks might contain. 
  4. A strange irradiated giant humanoid skeleton with gold and silver ornamental jewelry upon it. The thing is covered head to skull in runic writing. There is a slight radiation hazard if more then 1d4 days is spent with the remains. 
  5. A jar containing a massive perfectly preserved humanoid head in suspension. The thing bobs and weaves along the  jar and then the mouth spasms as if to say something even as the eyes regard you. 
  6. A spotless King James Bible with thousands of carefully written names in pre apocalyptic style and writing that includes the PC's among them. A shaft of sunlight focuses on the book from the roof of the building. 
  7. A small pre apocalyptic automobile in working order with the engine running and full fuel cells that has been hand built in the middle of the ruin and very little chance of being able to get it out. The thing will shut off automatically within 1d4 rounds. There's a pure strain human corpse in the trunk with a single bullet hole in the head and a note in common that has today's date on it. 
  8. A partially assembled android gun fighter sitting in a chair massive acidic damage covers one side of its face and body. The circuits and damage has been repaired. Did it just twitch. There are two Colt hand guns and bandoleers full of bullets with it. All in working order. 
  9. A police car perfectly preserved with two android officer with it. They've sustained massive amounts of damage. Their chests, hands, and bodies have numerous bullet holes from small arms fire. The car itself is in working order and preparations for stowing and storing the automobile have been made. 
  10. The PC's stumble upon a ring of six massive metal hedges. The metal fairly vibrates with strange  energy. Approaching the structure will cause strange blue white electrical arching between the structures and there's a 20% chance of a dimensional event happening. Weird magnetic and time related occurrences will happen around the hedge. At the center of the structure is a humanoid corpse with a knife cut across the throat that has been bound in copper wire. A strange slime covers the ground around the corpse. 

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