Monday, July 28, 2014

Another Five Old School Cult Classic Post Apocalyptic Movies As Inspiration For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

I got together with friends over the weekend to play some Mutant Future and celebrate Gary's Gygax day. We also got a chance to watch some classic old school post apocalyptic films as well.We also got a chance to get in some Car Wars as well. 
 With the release of the new Mad Max Fury Road Trailer at Comic Con, folks are talking again about the PA genre again.
So here in no particular order of importance are what was going through the VCR  

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes 1973 

Death Race 2000 1975 

Don't forget that seniors are now worth
Terminator 1984 

Red Dawn 1984 


Terminator II

I'll be back!
Added Bonus 
Akira 1988 


  1. All good movies. Thumbs up!

    It's not an old school PA movie, but I recommend Bounty Killer. You ought to be able to find it on Netflix. After you see it you'll want your own Gun Caddy. :)



  2. Glad you liked the movies.
    And I'll have to check out Bounty Killer.
    All my best Edowarsblog. More to come as always.


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