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Review and Commentary On The Free Post Apocalyptic Monster For The Mutant Epoch Rpg Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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The Quasi is a great mid level free monster tribal species from the Mutant Epoch game to challenge your adventurers in the post apocalyptic wasteland. The author does a fantastic job with this monster and sets a tone of penance and high weirdness that makes this horror from the Mutant Epoch game stand out.
All of the Free Mutant Epoch game's free monsters have been mini post apocalyptic monster kits with a small variety of options that really keep the players on their toes and add a bit a random customization factor to each one with treasure tables, random mutations, and a bit more. The Quasi keeps this tradition up. This is a fun monster to play around with.
According to the Drivethrurpg blurb:

Its play time with Quasi!

Try to avoid getting your character mangled by this hunch backed humanoid. It means no harm. It just has to squeeze its beloved pet so tight!

The Quasi, written by James Butler, is so named after the literary character of Quasimodo. The difference here is that this powerful, childishly curious and moody freak has none of the nobility, empathy or wisdom of the hunchback of Notre-Dame. It instead spends its life making traps, harvesting foodstuffs, and obsessing over a pet or object. Woe to any excavator who becomes the focus of its all-consuming attention, as the Quasi is likely to manhandle, toy with and eventually shatter the person, abandoning the broken pet in some filthy hole or ancient room before turning its attention to whatever takes its fancy next.

     This, our 8th Free Creature of the Apocalypse, comes in a 5 page PDF with a list of Quasi mutations as well as sampling of random pets and items the humanoid currently obsesses over. Also included is a full page, text free image of cover art for use as a player handout.  
     Although crafted for The Mutant Epoch role-playing game, using the Outland System Game Mechanic, a GM can easily modify the stats for the Quasi and use the beast with another post-apocalyptic game system.
Using The Quasi
In Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign 

Think of these monsters as the ultimate tribal  stalkers, the obess over their latest acquisitions and pets, namely the PC's. A combination of mutant hill folks and 'Hill Have Eyes' rejects these monsters present a perfect set of guardians for the DM's latest ruins.
These monsters also make excellent urban encounters for the edge of ruined cities, small towns, and other frontier style adventures. They present a weird combination to torture, taunt, and play hide and stalking games with a party of adventurers. That being said these mutants can be an absolutely ruthless set of challenges for a group of adventurers.
Because this is a five page free pdf there's lots of potential to use these mutants as mid level encounters players. Use them carefully as they can and will cause plenty of mayhem for a group of characters.
Because of the almost human nature of the Quasi the skin crawling factor of the monster is strong. There's a feeling that these horrors are just around the corner in the wasteland of your favorite PA game system. This is one of the marks of a classically made mutant monster in my opinion. All in all these horrors are something that are at once something to be avoided in the wasteland and an asset for a DM.
These mutant monsters are a nice addition to the free mutant monsters that are  available for the Mutant Epoch game. They can easily be converted to your favorite old school post apocalyptic OSR games as well. The stat blocks, ranges, etc. all given for the Quasi are great baselines to use for your favorite game systems.
The author does a nice job capturing a monster who is both menacing and weird by turns that can easily crush the life out your adventurer while seemingly capturing the essence of the Mutant Epoch rpg in one free sample package. 

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