Friday, April 15, 2011

Mysterious Cargo Bonus Table -1d10 Space Weather Events

  1. solar wind plasma ~ The solar wind plasma rips along the cargo trailer of your ship. The intensity of the lashing sends shutters through the hull really rattling the crew! 1d6 chance of knocking a mooring cable loose! 
  2. Into-magnetic storm- The instruments are going off the wall as magnetic waves rip through the ship. All ferrous metals have a chance of sticking to everything  & check those cybernetics!  
  3. GCRs - Galactic Cosmic Rays which could cause mutations better check your shielding little spacers! 
  4. Micro asteroids  swarm - Small speeding pieces of  who knows what just might cause a leak in the hull or space suit. Check that plating & make sure your space suit is shielded 
  5. Sub space storm - There goes communications, the ship is shook by hyper dimensional winds & sensors are iffy at best, don't even think about using that transporter 
  6. Cosmic Cloud - What's that strange day glow colored cloud off of the port side? The effects of passing through it are unknown. GM's choose here. Choose your effects 
  7. Coronal Mass Ejection- A nearby star is releasing solar flares & your ship is experiencing odd power outages. The ship shutters & shakes. You might have to have one of your crew check that shielding! 
  8. Stellar Flare - The shields have just taken a beating as a solar flare arches through the system. Say was that the power again. Ship goes dead in space. Is that another solar flare! 
  9. Gamma Ray Storm! There is strange sheets of lightning like plasma that arches across the solar system your traveling through. It might be time to take those radiation pills little spacers 
  10. Two events at once better check that your cargo is secured! Roll 1d6 & send a random crewman to check the cargo strapping!


  1. Man, that's a lot of checking! Reminds me of the fifth Doctor episode Earthshock, where there are cybermen in the cargo. No. 3 is a great chance to use the mutations table at DM Muse.

  2. I like this a lot and was planning something similar. I see bad space weather being a constant problem for H-spacers...


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