Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kryptonian Raider Ants ~ The Black Dream

Life is a hideous thing, and from the background behind what we know of it peer daemoniacal hints of truth which make it sometimes a thousandfold more hideous. Science, already oppressive with its shocking revelations, will perhaps be the ultimate exterminator of our human species — if separate species we be — for its reserve of unguessed horrors could never be borne by mortal brains if loosed upon the world.
HP Lovecraft 

Kryptonian Raider Ants ~ The Black Dream 
No. Enc.: 1-18
Alignment: Inimical
Move: 130'(40’)
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d8
Morale: 8
Special Abilities: See Below 
  There are some things that should not exist & Krptonian mind created one of the deadliest life forms that this century has seen in the form of these insects. Slicing together at least 12 different types of native life forms the original intent of the greatest Kryptonian minds was to create a life form that would work with the native miners to help in the deep core mining. Instead they got a highly evolving demonic creature capable of  rapid mating, aggressive behavior, & complete biological compatibility. These ants assimilated the Kryptonian nano-bots that were sent to destroy them. The ants further evolved to take on the biological, & technological likeness of those around them. It was only the Kryptonian super science which has kept them in check. So far. 
These ants are no longer carbon based life forms at all but amalgams of the the different structures found within their locations. The ants do not sting with a formic acid but instead a probing shot of nanobots designed to  break down the host & carry the information back to to collective hive mind is made. The group of ants will begin to take on the biological distinction of the victim.The shot is poisonous and additionally the means by which ants create themselves. A victim that fails a saving throw vs. poison will become incapacitated for 1d4 hours during which time the ants will assimilate the victim into the hive. The process is repeated until there is nothing left within a given area except the ants themselves & strange hybrid creatures. Part ant & part something else.  
 There is recent evidence that the telepathic emissions felt by several telepathic sensitive authorities are actually the dark dreams of the ants themselves broadcast into the ether. This broadcast has become known as the "Black Dream" though out the universe. Scientists feel that this is in fact a lure that is cast out to into the void of space to trick more humans & humanoids into coming to the super colonies which have spread across the galaxy. There is evidence that the creatures have recently been spotted in several well known alien ruins but for what reason is not known.   
There are as many physical types of ants as there are colonies. The physical body size many be anywhere from 1 inch to over 12 feet in height. Whenever 2 or more colonies gather there will be a merging of the monsters. Then a further evolving will take place. The Kryptonians are searching for a way to put the cork back into the genii's bottle that they have created. The universe quakes in fear at this very moment 


  1. Worms, snakes, bugs, spiders and now ants. Humanspace is alive with creepy-crawlies! And not any old creepy-crawlies.

    "the dark dreams of the ants themselves"

    I love this, and the origin story is spot on.

  2. More weird-ants. You're either using remote viewing to read our notes or we're way too in-synch for anyone's well-being. These make great Humanspace Empires creepy-crawlies!


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