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Free Comic Book Classic - From Sgt Rock 338: Future War by Rick Veitch For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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I was a huge Sgt. Rock fan back in the 80's and one of the weird things about the comic book was the number of backup stories that appeared in the DC pages. Whist scrambling around the interwebz I stumbled upon a story that I haven't seen for many years. The always excellent 'Mars Will Send No More' blog posted 'Future War'back in May 2011  a cautionary tale with some excellent art work by Rick Veitch and a great script by Bill Kelly. Steve Bissette wasn't credited on the art as well. That happened quite a bit back in 1980. And still does in the comic industry.
 Well according to the 'Mars Will Send No More' blog :

"Before taking on Swamp Thing and moving on to careers producing their own works, artists Steve Bissette andRick Veitch drew stories for DC’s Sgt. Rock. This week we’ll look at a few of their back-ups for DC’s once-popular war comic."
The artwork is pure DC science fiction and the story is one part science fiction, one part Roller Ball movie action plot, and a whole lot of post apocalyptic goodness. The visuals are great and are a perfect vehicle for a Mutant Future or Mutant Epoch game. The whole thing is like a step back in time to the 1980's. Many of the elements would appear in later science fiction yarns by DC and the pens of  the artists.
All in all the plot could be lifted whole cloth for a quick one shot convention style adventure or as a jump off point for a post apocalyptic campaign. It was really nice to see this little yarn after all these years. More Atomic age madness to come!
Special thanks to the 'Mars Will Send No More Blog' and as always this blog post is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant as a trade mark or copyright claim or infringement on the artwork or story . This is simply meant as a trip down memory lane.  


  1. This reminds me of the old Weird War comics. I used to pick those up whenever I could, at the local drug store where they carried comics next to all the magazines...same place I started picking up Famous Monsters and Omnis...

  2. This comic book store is certainly a throw back to 1980. There is certainly a nostagalia factor with this old D.C. comic. The Weird War DC comicbook was a fantastic anthology title and this title was certainly in that league. An old favorite of mine as well, one of my first places to get comic books and TSR era material was from an old tabacoo and cigar store. The scent of which for years was one that I associated with gaming so I certainly understand the drug store memory that you've got Garrison James. Thanks for the comment and more to come!

  3. We're glad you found this back-up tale and got a kick out of it. We were thrilled when a buddy's collection of 1970s and 1980s war comics from DC turned out to have some Veitch and Bissette goodies in it. Just to clarify, we hope we did not give the impression that Bissette was not credited for artwork on this one. We ran this as part of a series, some days featuring the Veitch backups and some days featuring Bissette. We also archived some scans of Alex Nino's work in Weird War Tales, which you might enjoy, too! These self-contained short-form comic book stories have become something of a lost art, but they sure are fun.

  4. Well first of all thanks for the comment from your blog, long time follower of the Mars Will Send No More blog. Well its actually my own stupidity that I thought that Bissette was not credited for artwork for the backup. I'll get that edited from the blog post. The Veitch backups and featuring Bissette were absolutely killer but what's really got me excited is scans of Alex Nino's work in Weird War Tales.
    And your absolutely right those back up self contained comic book stories are a lost art form to be sure. Thanks for allowing me to take a trip down memory lane. Some absolutely killer material on the Mars Will Send No More Blog and thanks for the comment again.


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