Sunday, June 1, 2014

Review of 100 Wasteland Locations, Set 2 From Fishwife Games for Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Grab It Right Over
This is a nice set of tables that can be used with any old school post apocalyptic game but the random factor here has been upped by an order of magnatitude. Very well put together this product does what it sets out to do and then some. By using a more solid randomizer this pdf can really be used to screw with players minds who think that they've got a bead on the DM's ideas for their games. Three or four rolls and you've got the makings of a solid night's entertainment in the wasteland for the PC's!
The Drivethrurpg blurb: 
A 100 list featuring an assortment of wasteland locations. Included in this mix is the name of the place, what sort of location it is, and basic information regarding what might be found there. Need to fill up that post apocalypse map with quick details? Just grab your percentile dice and consult this handy chart! Combine these listing with the first set for maximum random potential.
Everything is included here to work with just about any post apocalyptic system currently on the market. New or old school this is a great way to chart out the campaign and then some! Very easy to use and very cheap for those of us who are the low rent types like myself. This one is quick, solid, and a complete little investment in one slick little package!

How to use The One Hundred Wasteland Locations
Set Two For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign 

Because of the Chinese restaurant menu approach of this product and its rolls there's a myriad of ways to use this one. Grab your dice and with a few quick toss offs, you get everything you need to start a campaign. Need a starting base in a former village? We've got you covered here. Another few rolls and you've got a neighborhood encounter location done. Another and you've got a starting point for your villains as well. The idea is to think outside the box with this product and apply the random rolls to a starting point, middle, and end allowing you as a DM to get everything down for a quick and easy encounter flow in your post apocalyptic wasteland. On the whole this is a really nice and stress free way of getting all of your adventure locations done in a very easy fashion with these tables. 

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