Saturday, June 21, 2014

Quick Review On The Free OSR City Setting - Estarion City of Knives From The Savage Sword Of Athanor Blog

'Estarion City of Knives!'
Urban Fantasy Setting
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For Free 

From the wonderful Author of  the
Savage Swords of Athanor
I'm always bumbling around the blogosphere looking for something OSR that could be useful as a DM. I just recently stumbled upon 'Estarion City of Knives', a sixteen page urban science fantasy bare bones setting. This literally is the bare bones of a city with an evil sorceress, her monstrous crow like minions, and a whole lots of wall city state real estate. Some of this science fantasy real estate is sketchy detailed. And that's just the way I like em. The OSR do it yourself attitude is right there and spot on. There are some nicely laid out maps, a few quick stats in the Labyrinth Lord/OD&D  style along with some rather interesting monsters and an thumb nail NPC character portrait and more. Did I mention that all of this was free?
A big thanks for this pdf and yes I know its free rpg weekend and we'll have more commentary coming up. This is a great little adventure location and one that can be used as a science fantasy adventure hook, a quick encounter, even a possible PC patron for adventuring, and much more. The piece seems written in the vein of ERB and some of the spirit of the sword and sorcery authors of another age.
The truth is that this is a well thought out little piece of rpg real estate with lots of potential and some solid ideas behind it. Using it in any old school science fantasy setting isn't going to be hard at all.
After looking it over and my particular dive back into a whole stack of Warren comic magazines from the early 80's this setting really rings a lot of bells and whistles for my imagination and I've got a myriad of uses for the setting. There's lots of material to really play with and I'd like to thank the author for really taking the time to do this piece. A fun and well sketched out science fantasy that will get some great use at my table. A four out of five for OSR usefulness.
On a related note from the blog entry:
"At least it was until I came down with infectious mononucleosis with a lung infection that might be early stages of pneumonia. (Seriously, who gets mono at 46?)"
 I also got walking pneumonia a few years ago. And its not fun. Please take care of yourself man. All my best and thanks for this great little gem of a setting as well as setting it free in the wilds of the blogosphere. 


  1. Thanks for the publicity! By the way, I'm feeling much better thanks the the wonders of time and modern antibiotics.

  2. Your very welcome. Glad to here your better this week Douglas! And thanks very much for the setting.


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