Friday, June 27, 2014

Woodland Lair of the Skullocks Part II - A Mutant Epoch Rpg Actual Play Encounter

Part I Right Over

The PC's are are wandering down the woodland path in tonight's Mutant Epoch rpg session. The Skullocks know that their coming and have prepared something special at the end of the game path that they've found themselves on.
There are other other ruins awaiting them down at the end. The cliffs that make up the woodlands are actually former buildings and skyscrapers.

These are actually the lair of a group of half skullock mercenary warriors who work for a local warlord and road pirates.

These bastards use a whole load of zombies from security and protection. So its now going to be a real fun time out on the road tonight!

More coming up after tonight's Mutant Epoch game! 

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