Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Revisting The Free Post Apocalyptic Monster For Mutant Epoch - Scraplurker: Creatures of the Apocalypse 6 From Outland Arts

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Part picker, part Morelock, and all post apocalpytic nastiness is the the Scraplurker. This horror from the minds  of Outland Arts is perfect for a trap for all kinds of adventurers. These are a fully fleshed out horror just waiting to be injected into your old school post apocalyptic games. They've even done three sizes of the horrors for a whole lot of weird adventurer bashing family fun in the wastelands.
Here's the write up from Drivethrurpg: 

Watch your step, wastelander… that pile of loot ahead might just be a trap!

Designed and written by Brandon Goeringer, this is the 6th free mutant freak in the Creatures of the Apocalypse line and the first to be offered in three nasty sizes: Juvenile, Adult and Brute!
The Scraplurker is a dweller of the ruins, old war zones and rubble strewn bogs. Although humanoid, these pack hunters view mankind as nothing more than the next meal. Their favorite trick is to wait in ambush, face down, exposing their junk and relic strewn backs to entice excavators and scavs in close enough to make a quick kill. Of course, what ruin looter can resist the often rare and valuable treasure items just laying in plain sight?
            This 8 page PDF offers the Scraplurker in three sizes, a mutation list, full page player handout version of the cover art, as well as a d100 Loot table showcasing items that one might find stuck to the back of these gruesome ambush predators.
Although crafted for The Mutant Epoch role-playing game, using the Outland System Game Mechanic, a GM can easily modify the stats for the three size variants shown into another post-apocalyptic game system
Using The Scraplurker in Your Old School 
Post Apocalyptic Campaigns 

The Scraplurker is a monster and trap waiting to happen all in one for your post apocalyptic campaigns. The fact is that loot is one of the prime motivators for PA adventuring and these mad bastards are perfect fodder for your adventures.

The monster adds a bit more of a razor's edge to looting all kinds of locations such as abandon malls, military bases, air plan hangers/airports, and more. Anyplace you need a family of cannibalistic horrors to terrify your PC's this is one of the perfect fits.
With the loot list this monster class can add in a whole other feel to a location. These are an 'evolved' mutant that will use mutations, pack tactics, and strategy to cause merry havoc for an entire party. There's lots going on behind those beady eyes of these horrors. Add to this the list of random mutations and there's enough to keep your PC's guessing. There's  lots of potential for customization with these horrors. 


  1. Reminds me of feral versions of the junk people in Labyrinth!

  2. They are cool, just a really nasty group of customers to throw at a party! I'm going to inflict these on my players really soon. Cheers and thanks for the comment.

    1. Thanks for the write up Needles! These guys were my first ever creation for a role-playing game and a dream come true to have something published. I'd love to hear how your players received these critters being used against them! Cheers!


  3. I'll let you know Brandon! These guys are great,I enjoyed reading through these nasties and you deserved to be published. I'll let you know who survives encountering a family or small community of these monsters. Can't wait to see if you get more of the horrors your imagination into the Mutant Epoch universe. Thanks for these guys again and for taking the time to leave a comment!

  4. Well if you'd like another critter I also designed the Creatures of the Apocalypse 7 called the Back Hatcher! Watch your step! http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/130272/Back-Hatcher-Creatures-of-the-Apocalypse-7

    Looking forward to hearing about the slaughter and nice blog btw, my new booked marked page!

    Thanks for the kind words!

  5. The Back Hatcher you say? Hmmmm That one sounds strangely familiar? ;-)


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