Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review On 'The Pay What You'd Like' The 1000 Items Scavenged in the Post-Apocalypse From The Amazing List of Things

Grab It Right Over 
This product does exactly what it says on the outer label, 1000 items for a post apocalyptic campaign. Any PA dungeon master knows that you can't ever have enough items or artifacts to throw into the mix. This isn't a bad little mix of stuff. The problem is that its simply more artifacts. How its used is strictly up to the DM and that's not so much a problem as it is a question of imagination. 
1000 Items Scavenged in the Post-Apocalypse contains an assorted collection of items both strange and ordinary, both dangerous and useful, that a scavenger might find in the ruins of civilization.
Some items you might scavenge:
301. False teeth
375. Gravy boat
567. Mummified hand
783. Six-pack of beer
The Amazing List of Things is dedicated to bringing you quality lists for randomly generating campaign content.
This product is system agnostic and can be used in any campaign with any game system.

This product is truly system agnostic and we'll get more into that below.

Using The 
The 1000 Items Scavenged in the Post-Apocalypse
For Your Old School PA Campaign 

There are a number of applications for this material, one as an alternative item and artifact chart for your favorite PA system, as random item generator for your favorite failed space colony, or as an item generator for an 'alternative Earth' adventure. The variety is solid and interesting but there needs something a bit more behind this supplement but that on the DM's part not the writer and designer. This is a nice go to generic list and item generator. The fact is that the writer and designer created a perfect product for DYI old school gaming. And it does its job and its a perfect filler for your system. This is really one of the reasons why this product is true system neutral and its made to fit any post apocalyptic gaming campaign. 
If you need an additional PA item generator and true system neutral old school artifact generator look into this one. 


  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Sounds cool.

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    Its a nice filler for a post apocalyptic DYI adventure or one where your players know every last chart or table in an rpg rule book.

  3. I like this product and it's in my blue binder of post-apoc scavenging tables. It does have some filler entries (bloody footprints?), but is good otherwise.

  4. I liked the product and there are a few 'filler' pieces but otherwise its a solid little set of tables and its the rules agnostic bit that I find appealing as well. Thanks for the comment and more to come as always.


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