Monday, June 30, 2014

1d10 Inner Wasteland Unusual Finds Table For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Your mutant adventurer PC's stumble upon an unusual ram shackle building and find something unusual and disturbingly odd.
The table may provide something useful yet really weird out in the deeper parts of the wasteland.

1d10 Inner Wasteland Unusual  Finds Table 
  1. The mummified corpse of a teenage adventurer whose armed with a energy ray pistol and the heads of several weird mutant animals. He's got 1d4 energy cells in his pocket along with some silver. His throat was cut at a right angle and there's a strange tattoo on his arm that is too decayed to identify. Did the body just move? 10% chance of the corpse coming to life. 
  2. A weird piece of home made technology set within a vice like object. The device will whirl to life if the make shift switch is touched. A plasma stream will do 1d6 points of damage to whom ever disturbs it. There are 1d8 useful parts that can be scavenged from the mechanism. Its purpose remains a mystery though. There's a 20% that the nuclear power source make explode for 3d6 points of damage and a radiation check. 
  3. A perfectly persevered humanoid mutant head in a velvet lined box. The head is wired up to a strange android brain. It needs a special power cell to operate which is no where to be found. The thing is actually a make shift A.I. holding cell. The A.I. is free to interact but not cause any damage other then verbal. There is a 30% chance of a prisoner still being trapped within this vessel. The A.I. will not be aware that any time has passed. 
  4. A steamer sized  powered techno sarcophagus with an occupant within its bio mechanic encasement. The controls are very simple with a three color indicator which reads green. There is a 10% chance of the occupant being a 'Brain lasher lord' who has escaped the worst of the apocalyptic events and will attack whomever opens the device. The locals worship the thing as a minor god but would not dare to awaken the thing. 
  5. A small field of  over sixty humming chrome like devices stand silently in the gloom. There is a 30% chance that these planar devices will allow a dimensional being to come through once the PC's have seen these devices. There's a 20% chance of the visitor being friendly. A 10% chance of the thing being some type of Lovecraftian horror or worse. Each round spent around these devices may cause a dimensional hole to open sucking the PC's in. 
  6.  A single phone booth with a ringing phone. Do you dare answer it? DM's choice as to whose on the other end. 
  7. A mummified corpse in a hazmat suit with a sign that reads in common, 'too late for you too'. Please make a radiation check here. There's a broken Geiger counter in his other hand. 
  8. There's about a hundred bodies hanging from the ceiling with lots of life support equipment all around. Every third comatose body is a fully functioning pre holocaust medi kit and A.I. monitoring station. That's when the bodies begin to convulse. Here and there on the bodies are surgical scars. Mutant, pure strain, and regular human are all present. 
  9. An electric pentagram made from special florescent bulbs holds a black horned large humanoid whose vista is a mask of hate. An atomic battery holds the lights on and there are several replacement light bulbs present as well. There is a bank of computer panels against one side of the room humming to themselves. 
  10. There is an old fashioned reel to reel computer bank in the center of the room under a large pool of light and several speakers plugged in. There are sounds of almost human anguish coming from the speakers which cease as soon as the PC's enter the room. Then 1d4 rounds later start again!


  1. Unusual finds, for sure! Great stuff.

  2. Glad you like the table Trey and I've got more post apocalyptic madness coming up! Cheers!

  3. Love the incongruous phone booth. It's crying out for its own subtable!

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