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Happy Days - A Mutant Future Encounter Or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Set up

This encounter puts the PC's right into the middle of the Transadapt mutant population of the Altered States. Especially on the Eastern Sea board although this encounter could take place anyplace along the Eastern Atlantic coastline.  The Transadapt mutant race were created to serve mankind in space. The Transadapt race was originally created by Mark Ellis for the Outlander series and has been a favorite of mine for awhile.

Encounter With Richie Cunningham

The PC's are approached by a red furred heavy set humanoid mutant from the Mutant Underground Railroad. Richie Cunningham is from a Transadapt family and wishes to discuss a matter of grave importance. The Cunninghams have been taken by a group of Black Knight Human Purists and are traveling through the Maryland countryside right  now as he speaks to you. The family was named by one of the last surviving geneticist who created the Transadapt race. He had a deep affection for classic 1970's television shows and especially Happy Days.
The Cunninghams made the 'Long Drop' as Richie calls it about seven years ago and were smuggled into the local area.  Howard and Marion Cunningham run an artifact and relic repair shop.
Richie is willing to offer the family's services for two years and a major relic. In addition he will also offer rather reluctantly 500 gold pieces but this partially the family's life savings.
Joanie Cunningham was working on a secret project for the Mutant Underground, a special deep orbit communications device. Richie fears that this is one of the tell tail projects that alerted the Black Knights. 
Richie fears that his black sheep brother Charles "Chuck" Cunningham has betrayed the family after a bitter dispute with his father Howard. Chuck will be no where to be found during this encounter. If the Black Knights are questioned about Chuck Cunningham, they will say that they have no knowledge of such a being and learned about the family through spies in the local area. 
The Cunninghams are being moved under the guise of a circus & freak show by the Black Knights. This guise is because it allows the hated group to move through disputed territory right under the opposition  noses. They have three sets of scout armor and are armed with long rifles and black powder weapons. There is a crew of forty first level fighters being lead by a sixth level pure strain human fighter  known as Kala The Ring Master. The family is being taken down to the Sea Side community in the former state of Florida, a Black Knight strong hold. The circus is functional and very dangerous.
Kala has a family of intelligent mutant tigers, along with several highly intelligent exotic dangerous mutant animals, and several sets of mutant humanoids all under the mental domination of a telepathic A.I. brain  who serves his master's every whim. Kala can release and use these animals and mutants as scouts, spies, assassins, and more. He has no compunction about sacrificing these mutants or  animals at all. After all their only mutant creatures and have no souls at all to speak of. 
There is a 20% chance of  the circus having several major artifacts being smuggled into the former state of Florida a major strong hold of the knights. 

Kala is very confident when it comes to serving his master's whims. The council of the Black Knights has spies and dupes everywhere along the Neo England coast. They may call on a few 1st level fighter thugs at almost a moment's notice.
The Black Knight council is eager to have the Cunninghams work on a special black relic that was found, a long distance transmission device that may be the special code key that will enable the Black Knight's secret  society to take control of the Transadapt mutant population of the Altered States. See Chris Van Deelen's description below for more details!
 The other weapons system that the Black Knight have recovered is a suit case Entropic bomb. These weapons have Entropic properties and take full advantage of planar and black hole technology.
File:Junkyard near Mojave Airport... (4331429701).jpg

Aftermath of The Encounter
The Cunninghams will be reward the PC's with a major artifact and be eternally grateful for the rescue. The Mutant Underground Railroad will want further information about the going ons in Florida. And other Transadapt families will be put on alert up and down the East coast.   
Kala the Ringmaster will disappear among the ranks of the Black Knights and may seek revenge later on the PC's for disruption of his operations.

Learn More About the Transadapts From Chris Van Deelen's Blog Right Over
No. Enc: 2d8

Alignment: Any
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 4 (or by armor type, with an additional -2 to the AC)
HD: 6
Attacks: 2 weapon attack
Damage: by weapon, but with a +4 damage to all weapons, +3d6+4 with any melee weapon
Save: L6
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: VI (100% x4), VIII (85%, x3), X, XII (75% for both coin), 1d2 high-tech weapons.

Mutations: Aberrant form (new body parts), bizarre appearance (d), immunity to disease, increased physical attribute (Dexterity and Strength), intellectual affinity (tinker), resistance to radiation.
Source: Outlanders by Mark Ellis
The use of the names from the characters from the 1970's television show Happy Days is meant for entertainment purposes only and is not a challenge to the ownership or  trademarks nor copyrights of the characters. This blog entry is for entertainment purposes only and comes under the heading of parody.
Skirmisher Publishing, Mark Ellis, Chris Van Deelen, nor Goblinoid Games do not in anyway endorse this material. All of this material except for the conversion by Chris Van Deelen is a product of my warped imagination. Thank you for attention.  


  1. I like that you included Chuck.

  2. First thanks for the comment Trey and there's actually a very interesting reason for this. Wiki goes into a better explanation then I could:
    "Chuck's rarely seen character disappeared without explanation in season two, giving rise to the pejorative term Chuck Cunningham Syndrome to describe TV characters simply disappearing from shows, to the point where later episodes of the show are scripted as if the character had never existed.[17] For example, in the last Happy Days episode, Howard comments that he is proud of his "two kids". Chuck's college apartment was always littered with sports gear and he would often be seen carrying a basketball."
    So I decided to have a little fun with 'Chuck Cunningham' as bit of an encounter element!


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