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1d10 Random Car Wrecks In The Wasteland For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

File:Car wreck Memphis TN 2013-11--04 004.jpg
Your party comes across the wreckage or carcass of an automobile in the wastes along the highway. What possible adventure opportunities might it offer your party of wasteland adventurers? 

1d10 Random Car Wrecks In The Wasteland
  1. The wreck is one of a quite valuable collectible car there were only a limited number of these made. Worth about 200 gold pieces. The 1d6 zombies that are in the car might have something to say about it otherwise though. 
  2. The wreck is fresh and there are bloody hand pints all over the thing. A cult has recently used this wreck as a sacrificial rite. The thing is seemily cursed. There are 1d4 minor artifacts of the cult around it. A mutant ganger belonging to the cult watches the wreck for anyone coming in contact with the thing. The cult will begin stalking your PCs on the new moon for another sacrifice. 
  3. This wreck contains a very nasty A.I. and the thing will plead with the PC's to free it from its iron prision. The intelligence promises to show the PC's the location of a rich horde of artifacts in exchange for a robot body. This psychopathic intelligence will then try to pick off its 'heroes' one by one 'Ten Little Indians' style in creative ways. The wreck also contains the corpse of the A.I. former owner who carries a letter warning of this horror. There is also an EMP grenade he was going to use on the thing to destroy it. 
  4. The wreck contains a number of crash test androids that will spring to life and warn about the dangers of car wrecks. They may begin to follow the PC's and advise them about the dangers of adventuring as well. They're worth 100 gold pieces each to the right collector. 
  5. This wreck has a number of valuable parts upon it but its home to a nasty mutant worm monster. There are several corpses of adventurers around the thing who wear a number of valuable pieces of armor that might also be worth a bit of coin. There are 1d6 parts and 1d8 pieces of armor. The monster's nest is the problem. 
  6. This wreck contains several different vials of wasteland chemicals that a nearby village needs. Highway raiders took out the car and killed the occupants then ate them but left the Chems behind. The village is looking for this serum and will pay 70 gold pieces for it. There will be 1d6 mutant cannibals that may swear revenge on the PC's for disturbing their kill however. 
  7. This wreck is actually the former mayor of a nearby city. Contained within is a map to a hidden cache of drugs, contraband, weapons, and perhaps a bunker. The wreck itself has 1d4 parts on it that are of use. The man's family however has mercs trying to track this wreck down. The PC's may 40% chance attract the notice of one of these groups of mercs. There will be 1d8 second level fighters with a 10% chance of a mutant with psychic powers among them. 
  8. This wreck is dotted with skulls, feathers, and primitive symbols of warning. The thing is supposedly possessed. But in actuality its the lair for an energy lifeform that sucks victims dry. The whole metallic carcass is actually its magnetic cage. The thing escaped from a nearby super science lab and there are 1d10 adventurers and mercs looking for it. They will become its victims should they stumble upon it. It's weird, nasty, pissed off, and hungry. 
  9. There is an android tied to the steering wheel of this car. The whole thing has been burnt up. The android is a horror of old but has some valuable parts on it. There are 1d8 parts that will sell for 30 pieces of gold each. The wreck itself is worth 75 gold to a junk collector. The android's brain will animate any robotic unit it is attached to but its malevolent intelligence will also be transferred. The thing is murderous and very cunning. 
  10. This wreck of a hearse contains 1d10 zombies living in the back who will explode into action at the first sign of fresh meat. They will attack and use the car to draw prey in. Scattered about are 1d8 random minor artifacts. The PC's must check for zombie infection however the car was used to haul plague victims during the Shadow Years. The disease lingers in the thing. Should they find a collector the wreck is worth 100 gold pieces. 


  1. That picture was taken in my hometown. I actually think I recognize that lot.

  2. Are you from Memphis, Tennessee,Bill ?
    Well according to the source on Wiki Commons -
    Antique Warehouse, Summer Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee
    The photo is by Thomas R Machnitzki

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  4. I've been down that way a time or three, its a great little town and the food's good. The music is better. Haven't been in a long while, the last time was in the late 90's. Good solid place though. Glad I was able to conjure a bit of hometown fun. Cheers and thanks for the comment! More to come.


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