Friday, June 27, 2014

Woodland War Of The Skullocks - A Mutant Epoch Encounter - Actual Play

The PC's in tonight's game almost bought it as they got involved with two warring tribes of the hidious mutant Skulllocks in the back woods near the Global highway. They were able to kill four scouts of the mutant bastards only to be confronted by another band who was after the first party. Things nearly went from bad to worse and they were confronted by a war party armed with sub-machine guns and bad attitudes.

The party  took their loot and beat feet back to their caravan after dropping a smoke grenade to cover their tracks. One of the items that they recovered was a map detailing a hidden road pirate warlord's encampment ten miles ahead of their current position. They never made the ruins but marked the trails and vowed to return later.

The map that recovered pointed to the remains of a small town now a pile of ruins that was fought over and used as a resource by various road pirates, raiders, and others as a source for vehicles, motor bikes, cars, and more. A powerful warlord had been using the place as a staging ground and the PC's were merely confronting some of his warring minions. They were simply scratching the surface of the warmonger's forces.

They PC's decided to leave rather then tangle with forces far above their level. Due to a time constraint they simply retreated. Making notes on the map as they left. They did however have to deal with another cannibalistic mutant monster that had it in for them. After a heated battle with the mad bastard a lucky bow shot took the thing out and a blast from a musket pistol finished it off finally. It was time to leave.

Had they gone into the swamp that lay at the bottom of the ravine I had an encounter with a Back Hatcher planned. That would have made a mini adventure all on its own.  they managed to avoid the swamp and get back to camp. But the PC's had to sneak by another Skullock war party and this time they were outnumbered two to one. Arrows were flying fast and furious but a few lucky rolls and they were safely back to camp and their caravan. They're taken off down the road. Will they avoid the road pirates up ahead or become more victims of this warlord of the asphalt?
Tune in next week!
The Back Hatcher can be found HERE


  1. Sounds like your Mutant Epoch Campaign is going well.

  2. I'm still finding my way with the material and I'm trying to stick with the material in the the TME rule book mostly for now. It's a bit of a juggling act but its going well so far. I need to even things out and move through it for a couple of months before I really feel completely at ease with it. There are fiddly bits that I've yet to work out but all in all its been fun. So we'll see. More material to come as we get into the home stretch next week. Thanks for the comment Bill.
    My preference is still Mutant Future but Epoch is a whole different side of the PA rpg material in a way. While it is old school there are several wrinkles to the system that play around with gamers. Combat is one such area. The skill sets are another. Rank and level adjustment is different as well. The whole thing is more Linus test then anything else yet.


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