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Sheep's Clothing - A Mutant Future Encounter or An Encounter

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The PC's runs into a group of Pure strain traders  out in the middle of the wastelands. This family of traders will with about 60% chance have many of the more common items or trade goods that the party might want or need out on the road. The Wiltshires are a group of neo traders from age sixty down to eighteen years of age. They are friendly out going and extremely helpful. They may also have a small selection of minor artifacts or relics among their wares here and their. 
 They come from a large clan/ family unit and this branch operates within the confines of the Neo England area ( formerly the New England states). Other branches move across the Appalachian mountains, Mutated Maine, Vile Vermont, and other areas of the Altered States. 
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The Neo trader family is looking and waiting for Joseph the head of the family. They seem a touch nervous and if pressed they will talk about  Le Society a group of bounty hunters out of 'Orleans. This group hunts down and kills dissents from 
Pure' states. Places where the  'true human' race operates, lives, and does business. It is also illegal to leave without express permission to do so. Le Society  specialize in hunting, tracking, and capture for their employers using the latest super science technology.
The Wiltshires will insist that the PC's share their fire, warmth, and anything else  that their heart would desire. While it is true that Le Society  is after this family. There are darker secrets at stake here. Le Society  has tracked the bodies of the orignal traders from  half way across the country. The Wiltshires are in point of fact a pack of War Wolves and their looking for food and recruits to the cause. There is very little that  the party can do if their lured around a fire. The Wiltshires may offer the PC's some special minor artifact in exchange for protection. As soon as the PC's backs are turned the War Wolves will turn on the party and slaughter anyone present.
Should the party try and escape the Warwolves. The PC's will be hunted down the eaten. and then any artifacts owned by the PC's take. . Le Society  is the least of the PC's worries. As soon as the party figures out what is going on.  The word will spread among the various packs and the PC's will find that greater numbers of the monsters will try to finish off them if given the chance. The PC's will be invited to make camp with the family by which point the PC's will be murdered in their sleep. The War Wolves will slip away in tthe resulting confusion and not return to the area for another few years.
The War Wolves will have as part of their hoard class I and  II among the minor stock of the wagon's. The wolves collect these items from the kills that they make and the victims that they eat.
 Should one of the PC's have a Charmisa on the high side there is a 10% chance of one of the Wiltshire family single ladies taking a shine to the PC's. This may cause a crack in the facade of the family of Neo traders.
 War Wolves 

For More Information on 'War Wolves' go to Chris Van Deelen's Blog 
No. Enc: 1d6

Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’) or 240’ (80’)
AC: 4
HD: 10
Attacks: 3 (bite, claw, claw)
Damage: 4d6 / 1d12+3d6 / 1d12 + 3d6
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: I, II, IV, IX, XIV

Mutations: Aberrant from (natural weapons), dietary change requirement (cannibalism, living flesh), epidermal susceptibility (silver, special), genetic replication, increased physical attributes (strength), increased senses (hearing, smell), metamorph (special), predatory scent, regeneration, thermal vision.
Source: Dog Soldiers (2002)
A small selection of 1d10 minor relics found among the stock of the Neo traders. 
  1. A small bundle of 1d4 minor energy cells, they fit about 80% of the energy weapons and ulitiy devices found in the Mutant Future world. 
  2. An array of small lock picks and fine hand tools. +2 to any repair rolls on minor devices and such. 
  3. A small roll of duct tape good for fixing anything. +1 to all jerry rigging rolls 
  4. A small hand laser pistol with a missing diode but other wise in fine shape. 
  5. A book on house hold repairs and car service. +2 on all repair rolls involving autos and gas powered engines. 
  6. A small ruby worth about 200 gold pieces and a perfect piece for a laser pistol or other energy weapons. 
  7. A minor talisman of a nearby cult of a Lovecraftian mutant monster. The item is made from three or four other minor items. 50 gold pieces is what it's worth a curio. 
  8. A mirrored shield able to reflex any minor energy attack with a successful Dexterity roll. 
  9. A +2 knife with a laser etched and sharpened blade. The weapon seems to have a mind of its own and will glow blue  in the presence of certain types of mutant monsters. 
  10. A super science medi kit with most of the medicines and A.I. present.  This  device will cure 90& of the minor wasteland diseases and injures. The device will tell what it can and can't as  cure but give advice relevant to the machine. 


  1. Good stuff. Have you used this one in a game?

  2. I've used with encounter as a one shot adventure with the Neo traders but with another monster shape shifter from Mutant Future. With a bit of quick retooling these mobsters seemed a bit of a better fit though. I've got more coming up. Thanks for the comment Trey.


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