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A Storm Of Blood - An Encounter For Mutant Future or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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Adventurers encounter a lone mutant traveler named Kala who has been waiting for the PC's. She has foreknowledge that they would be passing this way. This beautiful crimson mutant priestess has been dreaming for months about a coming storm of blood and teeth that will soon be ravaging the semi sunken kingdoms of lands of Cali.
She is a part of a group of psychic mutants known as the 'Watchers of  Waters', psychics and mutants who use a combination of psychic mutations, super science artifacts, and mystic knowledge to watch the threads of destiny that surround Cali. They are the descendants of the survivors of the Great Quake and the plagues that followed in its wake. The Watchers are believed cursed by many and have become twisted in mind as well as bodies. These mind witches are used as the advisers to the princes, dukes, and royalty of Cali.
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She is willing to reward the PC's with 170 pounds of trade goods to help to destroy the coming storm. The kingdom of Cali is only just starting  to emerge from the Dark Ages that grip the Altered States of America.
The kingdom of Lost Angels is a community of over 90,000 people which is very impressive. Over the last two weeks schools of mutant sharks of all types have been gathering. Storm clouds gather and about sun set the sky turns an orange. A tremendous water spout forms and the sharks head inward for the meal and  the slaughter. The sky is under lit with weird ruddy green lightning and nerve wracking thunder.
There is a small mutant man in the employ of the king who would like a word. He has a small back pack nuclear device he is willing to share with the PC's for 400 gold. There will be a very nasty shock as 60d10 sharks  fall from the sky and begin a feeding frenzy. There is a 10% chance of some victim having a minor weapon or black powder weapon.

 1d10 Random Finds Table From The Storm of Blood. 
  1. A single hand holding a relic 38 revolver still loaded with 4 shots. 
  2. A man's finger with a crimson blood stone on a setting of gold. 
  3. A human arm belonging to a city state  with a complicated set of tattoos which are actually a map to a treasure near by. 
  4. A single dagger with a power cell in the hilt. The whole thing is a actually a vibro dagger. 
  5. A single strange soap stone statue of Cthulhu. A blood encrusted  piece of art
  6. An earring with tear drop shaped crystal gems.The decaying ear is still attached
  7. A single wrapped painting worth 4oo gold pieces . 
  8. A single human arm with a bloody stump on the end. Everything seems fine until the arm moves within 1d6 rounds. 
  9. An old tube radio which suddenly turns itself on and the commentator mentions the PC's by name. 
  10. A single hand with a weird symbol carved into it indicating the cult of Starry Wisdom is in the area. Cali has had this dangerous cult marked for over two centuries

    The water spouts will manifest three times per day. Each time another citizen of the town of New Covenant Cali. The sharks will feed and feed very well. 
   Only a nuclear charge will disrupt the pattern of blood and violence.

More information on the unusual mutant sharks can be found on Chris Van Deelen's blog right over
No. Enc: 3d12, or 60d10
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 180’ (60’) Swim
                     360’ (120’) Fly
AC: 5
HD: 6
Attacks: 1 Bite and special
Damage: 2d6 and special
Save: L6
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: None

Mutations: Control weather (special), flight, psionic, hive mind (special)
Source: Sharknado (2013)

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