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High And Alone In The Grand Market Place Of Hum Sharu - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Location & Actual Play

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 What happens when you have the Mars Of Edgar Rice Burroughs merge with the strange half formed demi planes of hallucinations of William S Burroughs? You get a Barsoom where thieves, cutthroats, and degenerates are all looking to carve up a post apocalyptic world on the nod. The original idea came from right over

Christiaan Tonnis ~ William S. Burroughs / Video / Laserprint / 2006

  • 1. Never give anything away for nothing. 2. Never give more than you have to (always catch the buyer hungry and always make him wait). 3. Always take back everything if you possibly can.

    • William S Burroughs On drug dealing, quoted in The Daily Telegraph (1964)

The PC's while trekking across the endless sands of Mars stumbled upon a hidden dimensional doorway. They decided to take a walk through and ended up in the Grand Market Place Of Hum Sharu, a Martian demi plane that consists of mutants, mad men, and grifters on the nod. The place does a very brisk slave trade and has very close ties to Interzone when the Martian moons are right. The grand bazaar was like walking into a combination of an old forties Arabian Knights fantasy and the drug fueled night mares of the other Burroughs. 

There were a ton of alien species here trading mind and soul altering substances, alien agents on clandestine meaning, and slave markets where the races of a million worlds were being bought and sold. 
The PC's managed to off load much of their weapons, trade goods, and other smaller mundane items before settling into a nice dive for a bit of what they hoped was quiet R&R. 
The fools spilled the wrong drink on bunch of alien slave traders armed with orgone blasters and things went down hill from there. The melee collapsed into a room where Mugwump cultists were getting that unreality high. 
 Things really got out of hand as they were forced to flee from the Red Guard of Hum Sharu. Down through the twisting alleyways they descended passed the skin houses of GAA, the Psychic Misery Places, and The Demon Palaces to the very depths of the underworld of Hum Sharu.

To Be Continued 

The Grand Market Place Of Hum Sharu

File:Oriental Stories Spring 1931.jpg

The grand market place is built within the ruins of one of the most ancient Martian city states and is ruled over by the alien god Hum Sharu. His city runs on the most illicit trade and dangerous black market that can be found within the Martian demi plane. The Red Guard keep the peace of the place and although the dealings here are strictly black market there is an air of civil savagery about the place. 

 The market place is part bazaar, alien slave market, and outdoor mall with the weird, the strange, and the completely alien on display. There is a 65% chance of any illicit space cargo or illegal substance being on sale somewhere in the place. There is a 76% chance that any illicit substance is available for sale here. 
 There are at least one to two types of the major Martians for sale here as slaves. And the slave trade is a major business here. 
There are facilities for millions of races within the confines of the space port of Hum Sharu and it is said that the shape shifting aliens who run the place are able to configure lodgings for many more. 
The farther down one goes into the twisting underworld of the city the deeper and more depraved the material gets. Psychic Misery parlors rub shoulders with xeno breed clubs and human record shops. 
 Hum Sharu is a major player in the interstellar espionage game. Agents and counter agents thread their way through every level of Martian society here and the business of being an agent or even triple agent has been raised to an art form. 

 1d10 Random Encounters In The Grand Bazaar Of  Hum Sharu 
  1. 1d4 Black Pirate Martian  Organ leggers looking to trade humanoid pleasure glands for gold or spun dreams
  2. 1d8 Mugwump cultists and their inhuman masters rotating through the crowds and passing out black meat wafers. Those taste it may not get another free sample. 
  3. 1d4 Green Martian soldiers 2nd level fighters higher then kits stumbling around looking for a 'good time' 
  4. A small clutch of Martian 1d4 were rat assassins on an assignment 
  5. An alien brain god in a jar looking to purchase psychic slaves but he's not picky how he gets them. 1d4 first level fighters armed with swords and shield. 
  6. An Interzone alien scientist armed with an orgone blaster searching for an escaped prisoner/victim who has acquired shapeshifting abilities. 
  7. A pack of mutants from Earth searching for the illicit drugs their tribe needs to heal from a radiation leak. There are 1d6 of them with minor mutations and they need help locating this medicine. 
  8. An alien grifter looking to score some bug powder and willing to trade 1d10 gold pieces for a score. Actually he's looking to nap a human soul to trade with his demonic master. 
  9. A clutch of evolved humanoid insects looking to score some human heads and get high off of the brain matter. The fresher the better for them, they're willing to trade certain super science formula for them. Actually they're mutant cockroaches looking to score and willing to lie to anyone. 
  10. A clone of Hunter S. Thomason stumbles down an alleyway and collides with a nearby alien, things get weird from there. 

    Details on orgone Here 
    William S Burroughs Here 
    James Killian Spratt's graphic artwork of a Princess from Mars can be found Here 

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