Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Commentary On The Free OSR Map Resource From Dragon's Foot - Indell Keep For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaign

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The Dragon Foot Blurb:
A small bastion of hope and protection or greed and avarice. Depends on who has the bigger sword and the will to use it.

 Indell Keep is just the sort of a map pack that is flexible enough to have a multiplicity of uses. The location maps are well done,crisp, and though they date back more then a couple of years the author/artist does a really nice job with this one. You can almost imagine this location cropping up in some 80's sword and sorcery movie.This castle could over look a village as the long line of overlords or paladins stares down around them
 This location clocks in at eight pages but manages to pack a lot in. The castle might also be used by your favorite galatic alien tyrant as well. This castle could be used as the former head quarters to a long forgotten group of knights of the Imperial Order now fallen into ruin. The key of the castle gives a few other options spelled out in D&D terms but its easily convertible to any number of editions of the grand game.
This location can also lend itself to a post apocalyptic adventure quite easily and its been a stand in a few times for a castle that was taken high into the Hollywood hills that over looks a zombie ridden California valley.
 The options for Astonishing Swords men And Sorcerers for Hyperborea in my own campaign has been a long forgotten series of castles along a border that have fallen into ruin as the Green Death was spread along between two proto European kingdoms. The castles have fallen into ruin and disrepair. The explorations on them have begun. There is a definite flare of the pulp about the castles and something of the knights of the realm still lurking on the edges of this free pdf. All in all I like this castle and I've used it a few times for a quick one shot game. 


  1. Looks good Needles. That tower of the retired adventurers the other day was nice too, and can be doubly useful if you just add in a additional first floor which is an inn/trader-stop. It's about time I put some towers in my Land of One Thousand Towers (ASE) game thanks.

  2. Good suggestions Calum M., there's a inn that just might do for this very castle I'll cover tomorrow. Glad I could be of service. More coming up as well.


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