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Encounter With The Black Eyed Children - Black Eyed Kids For Mutant Future And Your Old School Post Apocalypse Campaigns

These entities are usually encountered out in the wastelands near abandon ruins  but they may be encountered anywhere. There have been reports of these beings encountered in large urban areas and communities.The Black Eyed Children
 will ask adventurers for help or ask for permission to come into a vehicle, tent, or other dwelling. After 1d4 rounds the victim may sense a 'wrongness' about the BECs and begin to feel uneasy or an almost supernatural dread. A flight or fight instinct in the victim may kick in this will the victims to escape unharmed.  These horrors will vanish 1d4 rounds later never to be seen again that night.

No encountered: 1d6(2d4)
Movement: 120'(40') 
Armour Class: 6 
Hit Dice: 4 
Attacks :1 
Damage: As Weapon ,+1 
Save: L2
Morale: 7 
Hoard Class: None
Mutations: Vampiric Field,Killing Sphere,Charm, Empathy,Bizarre Appearance,Teleport,Cause Fear,Telepathy

Should the victims engage in conversation and comply with the demands of the BEC's the horror of the encounter will begin. They seem to use telepathy to target certain victims.
 These creatures sometimes work in pairs or even small groups. They're eyes are as black as the pits of hell itself and they can cause fear as the mutation should anyone look into them. They're eyes are a sight few can forget. The BEC seem to converse in a manor much older then they're years would indicate. 
Should the state of their eyes be mentioned then they may grow agitated and abusive to their targets.
They use a combination of  empathy and a low level mind control ability to gain entry into dwellings and access to prey. Those who comply with their requests to gain entry are subject to a  combination of a Vampiric field and a Killing Sphere, some victims simply vanish never to be seen again. It is unknown what these horrors actually are, there is speculation that they are the spirits of children who died in the holocaust.Or they are perhaps fey beings who thread the boundaries between life and death collecting the souls of certain chosen victims.Corpses of these horrors simply vanish should they 'die' in combat. They are often encountered singing pre holocaust children's rhymes,playing games, or simply conversing among themselves before approaching a party. 
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