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Behind The Dimensional Curtain - A Mutant Future & Old School Post Apocalyptic Encounter

File:New York City - Fog in the Garment District, January 16. 2013.jpg
Original photo Jeff Turner from Grafton, West Virginia
Up the coast of Neo New England through the waters of  the Altered Atlantic might be seen a fog shrouded twisted doppelganger of  Nuked New York. The so called Sunken City occasionally stands in for the real ruins of Nuked New York. This demi plane of  atomic ruins is an exact doppleganger for the real ruins but those who cross into the waters of  'The Sunken City' immediately know it. Half of the island of Manhatten is below water and the poisoned air swirls with weird dimensional weather as the sky is cracked with blue green lightning and strange echos of half forbidden thunder that sounds like the whaling of the damned. 
Weird half dead mutant bird things with all too human faces own the sky and battle with Shantaks and worse.
This is not a realm that one can easily leave. The dimensional curtains close behind one and there is only a 20% chance that favorable conditions will allow a party to exit this realm across the dimensional divide. It may take seven or more days of the shattered moon to leave. Most don't however.
Giant Lovecraftian horrors stalk the landscape searching for twisted mutant prey,while occasional huddles of pure strain human survivors seek shelter among the ruins of sky scrapers. Some of these look inviting but are actually working due to the ghostly damned souls who still inhabit them giving these ruins strange pseudo life. Power, running water, and the promise of shelter are all illusions created by the effects of negative planar energy drain by the masses of souls who can not leave.
Occasionally the sun shines as brightly as a Summer's day without rhyme or reason and for a few hours the horrors of this world are forced to retreat to some shelter.
File:Abandon buildings harlem urban decay.JPG

But this is only a temporary reprieve from this horror filled Lovecraftian hell. The streets are stalked by Dimensionalpede, while hives of  Chew Wasps hang from the sides of ruins and shells of buildings, through out lower neighborhoods Acid Jelly Sacks drift and occasionally the scream of some twisted prey is heard. 

But this is the realm of the Mist Spiders and the sound of their pincers skulking across cars and ruins is an all too common sound. These horrors have no fear at all and move across this landscape with impunity. This is their world and they are drawn the to this place in vast numbers. At the center of what was Central Park is the 'Seam' a vast dimensional gate into the Outer Darkness from whence all of these horrors have come. 

You can find more Information

No. Enc: 2d6
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
AC: 3
HD: 4
Attacks: 1 bite or 2 pincers
Damage: 1d6 & special or 1d8 / 1d8
Save: L4
Morale: 5
Hoard Class: None
Mutations: Aberrant form (xenomorphism – arms with pincers), bizarre appearance (skull-like head) (d), echolocation, natural armour, spiny growth, thermal vision, toxic weapon, weather control (modified), web
Source: The Mist (2007)
The waters surrounding the ruins of the Sunken City are not much better then the land and teem with several tribes of Deep Ones and a nasty salt variety of the Vodyanoi or marine Umber Hulk. They're temperment is such that they will prey on any stray Deep Ones or under water mutant that enters their underwater domains that surround the island. It is believed that the island are one of the primary spawning grounds in this demi plane. More information HERE  or see the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Companion rules from Goblinoid Games.

Why do hundreds of adventurers risk their lives to seek this demi plane? The vast hordes of artifacts of the ancients that are found here are mostly untouched. The second reason is the vast dimensional gate technology that is found here. Thousands of units of relic technology known as the 'I Gate' was partially responsible for the current state of this place but its so easy to replicate that many come here to retrieve these units. 
The gate allows one to open a semi temporary window into inter dimensional space and for not only two way communication for 1d20 rounds with another but almost instant safe teleportation three times per day. The 'I-Gate' technology allows for instant access with anyone holding one of the small grey touch screens. Two units must be owned for the powers to work. The units are powered by dimensional energy and never need recharging. After 1d6 days of use there is a 30% chance of a small monster from else where of being teleported within a 24 yard radius of the user. Prolonged use of a year or more may result in an unstable gateway appearing in the local space time continuum. Please see your I Gate dealer for details.

Other adventurers seek the Sunken City demi plane in an effort to sell arms and armor as well as ammo to the huddled masses that still cleave to life in this demi plane. They will trade 150 pounds of trade goods for a good solid working fire arm and ammo or 100 gold pieces. The results may vary with mutant tribes, pure strain humans and Lovecraftian monster cults.
Russ's artwork used without permission and I'm not trying to infringe upon the copy right or trade mark holders of this monster or this artwork. This blog post is for entertainment purposes only. 

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